1934 MG PA Don Moore Special competition car

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  • Fastidiously recreated from the car developed and campaigned by legendary MG racer and engine builder Don Moore, incorporating the original bodywork
  • Commendably accurate and eligible for a number of historic events
  • Accompanied by a substantial history file for the original incarnation of the car, along with a vast collection of period trophies and other archive material
  • Twenty-two outright and class wins with Moore at the helm of the original car in period
  • Featured in at least seventeen motoring publications to date

The Appeal

Successful competition cars invariably live hard lives and those campaigned over long periods must adapt to survive as years go by and technology advances. This MG PA represents the latest incarnation of a car developed and campaigned by Cambridge scholar-cum-racing driver Don Moore from 1937 until 1956/57. Much like the ‘Ship of Theseus’, this car is mostly not that of the period, the chassis for which no longer exists. However, it’s the most accurate replica around; using the same modified bodywork and tying together all the original’s provenance, including a wealth of original material and a collection of Moore’s numerous trophies. 

Fastidiously recreated by fellow Cambridge native Andrew Bradshaw from 1996 to 2006, the car has since competed in a number of VSCC and MGCC events as well as starring in several editorial features. It’s reported that Don Moore had in later life wished to recreate this car, as his favourite and most successful MG which was regrettably broken up to incorporate its parts in other projects. It was from this starting point that Bradshaw took on the task and we’re honoured to offer the car that he built from the surviving components and substantial history file.

The History and Paperwork

  • Twenty-two outright and class wins with Moore at the helm of the original car in period
  • Featured in at least seventeen motoring publications to date - physical copies and some PDFs are included in the sale
  • Accompanied by a collection of period photographs depicting Moore racing the car in period
  • Detailed accounts of the car’s period specification and how this changed over time
  • Recreated by Andrew Bradshaw from 1996 to 2006 utilising age appropriate MG PA chassis PA / 1403
  • The recreation has raced at a number of VSCC and MGCC events which are also well documented and photographed within the history file
  • Campaigned by Bradshaw until mid-2009, at which point the car was acquired by Ian Smith who also raced the car until the end of 2013
  • In present ownership in the Netherlands since 2013
  • Included in the 2014 Triple M Yearbook
  • The car has a Dutch and UK registation
  • Significant collection of Moore’s trophies
  • A series of photographs document some of the restoration / recreation work
  • The vendor has amassed a detailed record of the recreation and the original car’s competition history based upon an interview with Andrew Bradshaw and Tony Jenkins from the UK Triple M Yearbook of 1986-1987
  • Following his successful drives in his own cars, Moore was recruited by Brian Lister to develop the highly successful Lister Jaguars for talented driver Archie Scott Brown

The Interior

  • Immensely basic
  • Single-seat design
  • Period correct seat, controls and instrumentation
  • Very well presented and in fantastic condition

In typical racing car fashion, this MG boasts everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t. There’s just the one basic seat, a single aero screen and of course no soft furnishings of any kind. A speedometer would only compel you to slow down, so there’s no place for one in such a car and so instrumentation is limited to a prominent rev counter, a water temperature gauge to the left and an oil pressure indicator to the right. 

Besides the usual ignition switchgear, the dash offers nothing more and you find yourself confronted by a necessarily large four-spoke steering wheel that bears a charming patina. Beneath a tonneau cover - which makes a great deal of sense given the lack of a roof, we find the even more sensible addition of a modern fire extinguisher securely affixed to the aluminium floor.

The Exterior 

  • Ultra-lightweight aluminium bodywork - incorporating much of the original structure modified by Moore in period and salvaged by Bradshaw in 1996
  • Various small components from the original car are also utilised wherever possible
  • Replacement MG PA chassis
  • Presented in fantastic condition without being too highly finished

The great Colin Chapman was by no means the only one to “simplify and add lightness” Obsessed with weight-saving, Don Moore progressively shaved pounds off this car as time went by and we’re informed this weighs around five hundred kilograms. He was eventually down to just one headlamp and you’ll note even the wheel spinners are drilled for lightness! The bodywork is basic and yet beautiful in all its simplicity, with the main tub sitting short of the chassis and fuel tank at the rear to save just that ounce of two more.  It isn’t even painted - that’s how committed Moore was…

Bradshaw has carefully replicated the car in its most advanced specification and so the bodywork is that of Moore’s revised design, with its distinctive cut-down bonnet and radiator grille. Moore had started with a standard car back in 1937, photographs of which also exist, which help tell the tale of the various modifications made during its time in his ownership.

The Mechanics 

  • 950 cc inline four-cylinder engine
  • Producing approximately 65 bhp
  • MG TA carburettors - rebuilt
  • Original MG block with new crankshaft, rods, Phoenix pistons, Baynton Jones camshaft
  • Baynton Jones ported and gas flowed cylinder head
  • Relined clutch with lightened / balanced flywheel
  • Standard (and very strong) 8:43 4-star differential - rebuilt
  • High pressure oil pump
  • Morris brakes (from 8 or Minor)
  • Rebuilt gearbox with new bearings
  • Converted oil canister from Mercedes-Benz 190
  • Various catch tanks for oil breath - which is to be expected of a high tolerance racing engine

As the aforementioned specifications verify, this MG is powered by a high performance engine, rebuilt to period specifications in order to emulate the power of Moore’s car at the time. With around 65 bhp and an approximate kerb weight of just five hundred kilograms, suffice to say this car really moves and it continues to prove its worth on various race circuits all over Europe.

We’re assured that it continued to run and drive very well, with no apparent faults to speak of.


This has to be one of the most historically significant pre-war MGs in existence, having been the life’s work of unsung engineering hero Don Moore. Painstakingly recreated, still racing and accompanied by an incredible collection of memorabilia, it’s an immensely special car and we hope to see its illustrious competition career continue in years to come.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1934
  • Make MG
  • Model PA
  • Colour White
  • Odometer
  • Engine size 950
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Overijssel
  • Country Netherlands
Bidding history
26 bids
  • turner.•••• €49,000 24/09/23
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