1934 Talbot AV95 - Replica AV105 Alpine

Photos provided by the vendor


  • Rebuilt to AV105 specification with a shortened chassis
  • Extensive invoices for servicing on file
  • An extremely capable and fast ‘30s sports car

The Appeal

This Talbot AV95 has been restored and upgraded to AV105 specification, including a shortened chassis and lightweight body. These modifications were carried out many years ago when it was imported back into the UK from South Africa. 

Originally shipped to Australia as a rolling chassis when new, this car now wears attractive lightweight coachwork and has clearly been set up for use at speed. The Brooklands aero screens and cut-away driver’s door allow for enthusiastic driving on road or track. 

Having been extensively restored and serviced by Talbot specialists in the UK, with invoices running to nearly £80,000, this car has also been thoroughly serviced in Germany and is now located in Italy.

It will be eligible for entry to many prestigious events worldwide, and these Talbots are well known for their competition winning ability. They achieve the high speeds and excellent handling that you would only expect to see of much larger cars of the period. 

The History and Paperwork

  • Rolling chassis delivered on 23rd April 1934
  • Initially exported to Australia
  • Originally built as an AV95
  • Previously spent some time in South Africa
  • Upon returning to the UK the chassis was shortened to 9’6” and the car was rebooted as an Alpine Racer
  • More recently, engine no. 95AV95 was fitted 
  • Currently located in Italy
  • Extensive invoices on file for parts and servicing
  • TÜV safety test passed in August 2021

The Interior

  • Simple, pared back interior
  • Leather upholstery in excellent condition
  • Column-mounted preselector gear change 

With its racing pedigree and competition success, it’s no surprise that this Talbot features a minimalist, uncluttered interior. The leather upholstery on the seating has been retrimmed and still looks fresh and supple. The front seats provide plenty of lateral support, a sure sign of the designers’ intention for the car to be driven spiritedly. To the rear, a bench seat provides additional passenger seating or luggage space when on tour. And behind this, a small luggage space allows a few bags or spare parts to be stored in the tail. 

The driver is presented with most of the controls they will need mounted upon the steering column. A reassuringly large steering wheel features at its centre controls for the throttle, ignition timing and others. And on the steering column can be found the preselector gear lever, which allows for easy shifting.

The dashboard is a simple affair, with just enough information provided by the fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge, ammeter and oil pressure gauge. There are also warning lamps, light switches and the starter motor button. Conveniently, the pedals appear to be in the conventional arrangement of clutch, brake, accelerator from left to right.

The Exterior 

  • Lightweight touring body
  • Distinctive close-set headlamps and Talbot radiator
  • Very clean and tidy underneath

Talbots of this vintage are easily identifiable by their close-set headlamps sitting proudly in front of the car’s tall radiator. This particular Talbot features the attractive combination of painted radiator slats contrasted against the chrome plated radiator surround. The paintwork in general appears to be very well presented, with some marks to be found as expected. 

The long, louvred bonnet adds to this Talbot’s imposing road presence and the body tapers away to the rear. The driver is provided with a cut-away door for thrilling ‘elbows out’ driving and a pair of Brooklands aero screens provide just enough protection from the elements. 

Wire wheels, a side-mount spare and cycle wings add to the car’s sporting aesthetic and help to preserve its sleek lines throughout. The wheels appear to be in good condition and they are shod with a set of Michelin tyres, which retain good tread. 

Underneath, the car appears to be in very tidy condition, with easily accessible running gear, allowing for ease of servicing. The chassis and underbody all look well preserved and undamaged, from what we could see. 

The Mechanics 

  • Shortened chassis
  • Extensive servicing carried out
  • Powerful six-cylinder engine 

Lifting the bonnet of this Talbot reveals the tall six-cylinder Roesch-designed engine in all its glory, looking sleek in its smart black paint with a few contrasting cast aluminium pieces accentuating the scene nicely. 

An upgraded spin-on oil filter is immediately noticeable — useful given that the oil filler cap demands that the oil be changed every 2,000 miles —and a coolant expansion tank has been added for convenience. 

The engine has reportedly been overhauled in recent years by marque specialist I. S. Polson, with invoices available upon request. And more recently, there are invoices on file for extensive mechanical servicing carried out in Germany. This includes an oil change in September 2022, overhauling the differential in 2021, as well as attention to the brakes, and electrical system.

The vendor tells us that invoices for parts and servicing run to around £78,000 and it is in excellent running order, with no work required. 


A supremely capable thoroughbred sports car, which has been the subject of extensive servicing in recent years and would be welcome at many events worldwide.  

Notice to bidders 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1934
  • Make Talbot
  • Model AV95
  • Colour Black
  • Odometer 55,246 Miles
  • Engine size 2969
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Ripatransone
  • Location International
  • Country Italy
Bidding history
12 bids from 10 bidders
  • lewis.n•••• €45,000 07/02/23
  • walsh.j•••• €36,000 06/02/23
  • cutajar•••• €35,500 06/02/23
  • walsh.j•••• €35,000 06/02/23
  • fortwo.•••• €29,000 06/02/23
  • michael•••• €27,000 06/02/23
  • walsh.j•••• €25,500 04/02/23
  • richard•••• €6,500 03/02/23
  • paul.c.•••• €6,000 03/02/23
  • 140supe•••• €5,500 03/02/23

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