1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen Camper Van LHD


• California import 
• Ex Budweiser promo vehicle 
• Quality paintwork 
• Well restored and maintained 

The Background

An absolutely unmistakable design, recognised the world over, the  VW ‘Splitscreen’ aptly named due to the windscreen design come in  various forms including the ‘Transporter’ , ‘Microbus’ and ‘Kombi’.  Produced from 1950-1975 in various countries starting in Wolfsburg  in Germany and ending in Brazil.  

Never being produced from factory as a ‘Camper Van’ style, they  are now mostly known for this and perform the task very well and  this style has been passed on throughout the following generations  down to today, and incredibly popular sight on British roads.

The History

This particular example was originally a California based  vehicle and spent most of its life there until 1999 when it was  imported by the beer producing company Budweiser. Originally  painted in Sea Blue, it was then repainted on behalf of  Budweiser as a promotional vehicle in a red, white and blue  pattern. 

Not long after this it was won, presumably in a raffle by  a Gentleman who shortly traded it in with a dealer. It was at this  point it was purchased by its former keeper who thoroughly  restored her to what we see today.  

In 2007 the current owner and vendor purchased it and used it  regularly for a number of years, evidently caring for it given the  condition of it now. The last few years we were informed it has  done very little and has sat garaged and only taken out for  
short runs. 

The Paperwork

We enjoyed seeing the history of this vehicle, albeit a small amount.  Some pictures of it when it was used by Budweiser, painted in its previous colour scheme are to hand and also more recently a  couple of images of it used at the opening of a local Vintage shop  as a prop. 

Some to and fro e-mails are printed out, one from a specialist who  inspected the vehicle for the current owner before purchase and an  e-mail from its previous owner to the current owner describing the  history and condition of the vehicle at the time. 

Plenty of MOT documents come with the stash of paperwork, an up  to date V5 along with documentation of the sale after the car was  won by its initial British owner. Also the vehicles final US registration  plate with the year 99’ on its registration sticker. 

The Exterior 

We thought it was a unusual colour choice for the type of vehicle but it certainly looked very good in the late afternoon light. Finished  in British racing green on the lower half, off white to the top half and  a red pin stripe separating the two, the overall exterior was  excellent. A superb shine was the first thing we noticed giving credit  to the restorer and owner, and nice crisp edges to all the panels.  

We noticed very little in the way of any damage with the exception  of a small amount of corrosion coming through the paint on the  passenger side (o/s) sill towards the front. The vendor intended to  have this sorted but unfortunately time did not allow.  

The wheels has been repainted at some point but as with all steel  wheels the corrosion was coming through the white paint and could,  if the new owner felt it necessary, be refinished quite easily. All the  brightwork was brilliantly clean and shiny, very difficult to fault at all  and it all seemed to be present. Overall a very well sorted, straight  and clean exterior with one or two minor imperfections we saw, but  really, exceptional for the age. 

The Interior

The second owner and restorer of the vehicle did a superb job of the  interior of this Bus and we think it looks of its time and very very well  kept. The dashboard has been painted in an off white to match the  roof and this is really nice with little to no marks we saw on the shiny  finish. Many of the original features remained, the steering wheel and  gear knob were in lovely condition and the restored seats and door  cards too. 

Although the front seats were not finished in the same  material as the rear bench seats, they did match really nicely and this  gave the rear seating and ‘dining’ area a very comfortable feel. All the  surfaces were clean, tidy and didn’t look very used at all. The floor  was a very well fitted, textured rubber and suited the purpose well  allowing the floor to be easily cleaned.  

The wooden seat frames were painted in a teal colour and although  some paint wear was evident, we didn’t feel this detracted from the  overall aesthetics and kept an original and useable feel. The same  could be said about the central table. This was sturdy and would happily accommodate 4 people for lunch, but this too showed  evidence of use and wear, but not excessive whatsoever. 

Curtains to match the rear seating were neatly tied back and the seating also folded out into a comfortable double bed arrangement,  simple but effective. 

The general condition was really tidy and wouldn’t take much to bring  it up to a show standard, or could be left as it is and enjoyed. 

The Mechanics

Known for their simplicity, the VW Microbus was designed to be  easily maintained and a look under this example goes to show it is.  The overall look is tidy, not lathered in underseal leaving everything  looking honest and unmolested. Usual patches of minor surface  corrosion here and there as to be expected with the steering joints and grease nipples looking well lubricated, a very important  maintenance feature on older vehicles. 

The engine underside looked reasonably leak free with the usual oil  residue one would expect to see on an older vehicle. We believe  the engine fitted is a 1600cc and brand new in the early 2000’s with  its second owner confirming this in e-mail. The engine started  perfectly with no smoke or fumes to see and bumbled up the road  beautifully.  

The vendor made us aware of a wheel bearing a little noisy on the front of the vehicle but this would soon be repaired for the sale. 

Not much has not been done on this Bus and its ready to hit the roads in all its glory to be enjoyed. 

The Appeal 

With the popularity of holidaying in the UK becoming more and  more evident, the opportunity to be able to do this in one of the  most iconic motors of the last century is something that will appeal  to nearly all! Forget the iPad, the television and the Nintendo…

This time-warp machine invites you to travel the countryside in comfort  and unmistakable style with only the large glass windows to stare  out of as you amble along, soaking up the beauty and ambience of  your destination.

And when evening comes….choose your camp spot, open up the  wide side doors and enjoy a G&T under the starlight. You can’t do  that in a sports car.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1966
  • Make Volkswagen
  • Model Type 2 T1
  • Colour Green & White
  • Odometer 99,334 Miles
  • Engine size 1600
  • Town Gourock
  • Location Scotland
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
15 bids from 9 bidders
  • davies.•••• £19,000 14/12/21
  • Mdueren £18,500 14/12/21
  • JimJam2•••• £18,250 14/12/21
  • Mdueren £18,000 14/12/21
  • davies.•••• £17,000 14/12/21
  • Mdueren £16,666 14/12/21
  • richard•••• £13,105 14/12/21
  • Pauldav•••• £12,500 13/12/21
  • davies.•••• £10,000 13/12/21
  • Jahi300•••• £9,600 12/12/21

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