1972 Ford Escort Mk1


  • Professionally prepared
  • Not used in competition
  • Built to be road-legal
  • Minimal work required to be a competitive vehicle

The Appeal

Rallying and Ford Escort just go together like bacon and eggs and this is a car just bursting with rallying ambition. It has everything you’d expect in a Competition Car that just needs a final push to be able to use it on a competitive basis.

Built from a road car some 10 years ago in Ireland but never used in anger, it is full of the right bits and pieces which includes none other than a Lotus Twin Cam engine. It doesn’t just look the business, it'll DO the business.

The History and Paperwork

  • No appreciable history
  • Still on Irish registration
  • Built to Rally Spec around 10 years ago
  • Clearly no expense was spared

The actual history has unfortunately been mislaid by the owner, but it is plain to see that this car has undergone an extensive and expensive transformation. It has all the required components associated with making a Ford Escort a competitive machine. From suspension, brakes and transmission to the ultimate in historic sporting engines, a Lotus Twin Cam. 

It has been built for a purpose but as yet has not been put to that purpose. It doesn’t necessarily need to compete as it is more than desirable as a road car, nevertheless, it does have some potent potential.

The Interior

  • Stripped of original interior
  • Competition seats and harnesses
  • Plumbed-in extinguisher system
  • Brantz stage time computer
  • Multi-point roll cage with harness bar

Forget looking for a plush interior in this car, it’s been replaced by a functional and safe environment for a driver and navigator. The space is dominated by a full multi-point roll cage that incorporates a harness bar and door bars. It has strengthening webs to the pillars and is finished in white. The seats are FIA-approved but are out of date to be used competitively as is the plumbed-in fire extinguisher.

The dash is taken up with a Brantz stage computer, internal fuses, auxiliary switches and the regular clocks have been swapped for a large rev counter and associated engine gauges. You will find a large vertical hydraulic handbrake and a brake bias control. All rather different to your everyday runaround but essential in a Rally Car.

The Exterior

  • Fully arched shell
  • Wrapped black bonnet
  • Front and rear gravel mudflaps
  • 4 Cibie Super Oscar spotlamps
  • Minilite style alloy wheels

There’s no mistaking this car’s intent when you view the outside. Those fabulous bubble arches and the purposeful gold alloys with cut slick tyres are a dead giveaway. It is painted in clean white with the bonnet and wing tops wrapped in black which mirrors the scheme of the early Ford Works cars of the 70s.

It stands tall on its suspension and creates quite an aggressive stance which is only further amplified by the four large spot lamps mounted on the front. The side glass has been replaced for lighter polycarbonate.

The Mechanics

  • 1600cc Twin Cam engine
  • 5-Speed Sierra straight-cut gearbox
  • 4-link rear suspension
  • Watts axle linkage
  • Turreted rear shocks
  • Double-width anti-roll bar mounts
  • 2.25 coil-over Bilstein suspension

The engine has to be the bonus in this fabulous, well-prepped package. The Lotus Twin Cam has been synonymous with Ford in motorsport for years and was the engine of choice. This one is reputed to have been fully rebuilt prior to installation and is dry-sumped with the oil reservoir mounted in the boot.

The engine is coupled to a Type 9 Sierra gearbox with straight-cut gears that push the power via a single-piece prop shaft to an English axle that has a Quaife limited-slip differential. There’s a double fuel pump arrangement that feeds a pair of Dellorto DHLA carbs that is also sited in the boot adjacent to a large fuel tank and battery.

The suspension is Bilstein, what else? And is the coil-over variety allowing adjustable ride height. The rear axle is mounted via a trailing 4-link system and has a Watts linkage, all of which has been fitted with great precision.


Surely, there’s little more can be said of this very well-sorted car? 

The quality of work is obvious and the items employed are exactly right for an historic rally machine. The fact that it has been built and then not used must add to its desirability because it is certainly capable of competing, but it equally would make for an absolutely stunning and entertaining road car. 

What could be more of a head turner than an Escort Rally Car gulping in air through the carbs and the unmistakable note from a Lotus Twink as it burbles by on the High street?

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1972
  • Make Ford
  • Model Escort
  • Colour White
  • Odometer 100 Miles
  • Engine size 1600
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Durham
  • Location Durham
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
15 bids from 6 bidders
  • mi•••• £30,000 22/09/23
  • To•••• £29,750 22/09/23
  • mi•••• £28,000 22/09/23
  • To•••• £27,500 22/09/23
  • al•••• £24,000 22/09/23
  • To•••• £23,500 22/09/23
  • al•••• £23,000 22/09/23
  • To•••• £22,500 21/09/23
  • Br•••• £20,500 21/09/23
  • To•••• £20,000 20/09/23

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