1974 MGB Roadster


  • Extensively modified and upgraded MGB
  • Fitted with Mercedes supercharger
  • 2 large folders of history
  • Removable hardtop

The Appeal

It’s always fun when we meet those talented enough to modify cars properly, and without just resorting to off the shelf add-ons purchased from Ebay! It takes real skill to get what is now an old engine to produce substantially more horsepower.  The seller has clearly taken great pride in the project and that is reflected in the quality of the installation and attention to detail. 

While not to everyone’s taste we think there will be a buyer who can see how much effort has gone into the MG so far, and be prepared to finish the fine tuning.  The seller would have liked to do this himself, but poor health has unfortunately halted progress.

Don’t let the ex-race looks fool you, once fully sorted this MG will be all about the driving experience, and what an exciting experience that will be!

History and Paperwork

  •  First registered in August 1974
  • Championship winning race car in 2013
  • Massive file of race history from 1989 to early 2000s including programmes and results
  • All invoices for race preparation and maintenance
  • Second large file of all parts invoices back to 1979
  • MoT history back to 2006
  • Last Mot in July 2013
  • Purchased by the seller in 2016
  • Built as fast road or track day car
  • Engine rebuilt
  • Uprated Kent camshaft
  • Mercedes A111 CLK Supercharger
  • Some spares included

The Interior

  • Refurbished seats and new carpets
  • Bolt-in roll cage fitted
  • Four point harnesses

The interior has been modified for track use with a bolt-in roll cage fitted. The seats are road spec, and they have been refurbished with smart black vinyl with red piping. There are four point harnesses for both the driver and passenger.  There is new, clean and smart black carpet throughout with no worn patches.  The dash area has a couple of additional gauges for boost, and wideband Lambda gauge as well as usual fuel/temperature, and larger rev counter and speedometer ahead of the driver.  Overall the interior is tidy and clean, if a little lacking in creature comforts thanks to its racing past.

The boot area is equally functional. It’s clean and free of damp or corrosion, with a frame mount for the battery that has been relocated from the front for safety and better weight distribution. Apart from that the boot is empty; there is no spare wheel present. 

The Exterior 

  • Ex race car looks with Sebring panels
  • 14 inch Minilite wheels with Yokohama Advan tyres
  • Removable hardtop plus soft top with frame

Finished in bright Blaze Orange the MG is definitely eye catching!  On the day we visited it was very bright and MG literally glowed!  Sitting purposefully on its Minilite wheels it looks ready for some driving excitement!  The Yokohama tyres are lightly worn, and very soft with little tread, perfect for dry road and track use. The body is largely corrosion free but wear the marks and scuffs of a life on track.  There are various series sponsor decals on the car along with usual battery cut-off and extinguisher decals. 

The front and rear valances are Sebring style riveted on with air intakes. The headlights are also Sebring style with Perspex aerodynamic covers.  These also show some damage with scratches and the odd crack. At the rear there is an additional LED rain light.

At the rear is a later addition in the form of an aluminium fabricated black painted spoiler. There is a removable hardtop in good condition that we placed on the MG for the photographs.  It fits over the roll cage and will clamp on at the top of the screen but might need some fettling if it were to be used regularly.  There is also a soft top and frame that the seller says will need to be refurbished and refitted.

The Mechanics 

  • Rebuilt and upgraded engine
  • Modified big valve head
  • Mercedes Supercharger

The seller is a talented and highly qualified engineer. The original 1,798cc engine was rebuilt with some tasty upgrades to produce plenty of power. Incorporating a modified big valve unleaded head, a Kent competition 717 profile camshaft with 280 duration, duplex timing gear, Weber 45DCOE carbs, electronic ignition and twin Facet fuel pumps.  To keep things running smoothly  an oil cooler and a high capacity aluminium radiator with thermostatically controlled fan were installed. The exhaust system is 2 inch diameter to aid breathing, and this gives the MG a really purposeful snarl from the exhaust; not for the shy as it’s quite loud! 

He also addressed the running gear with new braided brake lines and competition brake pads, a competition suspension package with upgraded rose-jointed Panhard rod and anti-roll bar. Then (because he could!) he decided that to increase the power across the rev range he would incorporate a supercharger!  This is a Mercedes item as found on a CLK Kompressor, and it is skilfully installed with matching blue hoses and polished aluminium pipework. Taking cold air from a filter ahead of the radiator and forcing it through tidy ductwork, via a sealed plenum chamber into the Weber carbs he calculated that it increases the power into the 130-140hp range between 1800 and 6500 rpm. 

At the moment the jets that are currently installed work well at idle and in the upper power band but the MG would benefit from a session on a rolling road for fine tuning in the mid rev range.  He has fitted it with a wide band Lambda probe in the exhaust which gives instant fuel/air mixture readouts on a dash mounted gauge this so tuning could be done, (with time and perseverance) without using a rolling road. Once it is all in tune the supercharger will make the MG highly entertaining to drive, with way more oomph available right across the rev range.


This is an MGB with plenty of history and a well-documented past.  Now highly modified and 95% completed it’s ready to become a really entertaining road car or track day weapon.  It just requires a new owner with the skills and vision to do the final fettling and then have all the fun!

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1974
  • Make MG
  • Model MGB
  • Colour Orange
  • Odometer 81,824 Miles
  • Engine size 1798
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location Sussex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
11 bids from 5 bidders
  • tim.ste•••• £6,000 12/07/22
  • quentin•••• £5,800 12/07/22
  • chapman•••• £5,400 08/07/22
  • orcaorc•••• £5,000 08/07/22
  • chapman•••• £4,400 07/07/22
  • orcaorc•••• £4,000 07/07/22
  • chapman•••• £3,400 07/07/22
  • orcaorc•••• £3,000 07/07/22
  • chapman•••• £2,300 07/07/22
  • awphall•••• £2,000 07/07/22

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