1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham


  • One of Chrysler's most luxurious vehicles
  • Filled with leather inside 
  • Interesting ownership history
  • Eye-catching classic 
  • 7.2l V8 under the ‘hood’

The Appeal

Whilst we in the UK were driving about in the uninspiring Austin Allegro and Morris Marina, across the pond American marques were producing space shuttles in comparison. The Chrysler New Yorker was one of these cars.

At just under 6 metres long and powered by a 7.2l V8 there is nothing that quite screams Americana as much as this car does. This car has been in the UK since 1996 and has always caught the eye of every passer-by and, with a little bit of TLC, it could be an excellent example. 

The History and Paperwork

  • Hitting the roads in 1978, this Chrysler spent the first half of its life in the USA
  • It was then found by the current owner back in the 1990s and this is where the ownership history gets interesting 
  • The current owner would end up owning this car not once, nor twice, but three times 
  • So, although the V5 documents 9 owners, it has really only had 6
  • It was them who bought this car in the UK and started its life this side of the pond
  • Throughout its years here it has been owned by a few enthusiastic owners and even a wedding car company
  • Within the cars paperwork folder, you’ll find quite a bit of history 
  • From Chrysler's original handbooks to even a repair book for the air conditioning system
  • There are also old V5s and catalogues 
  • Amongst the literature, you’ll also find the up to date V5 and lots of MOT certificates
  • There are also a lot of old tax discs present
  • Digging a bit deeper you’ll find a few invoices for work carried out through the years
  • Opening the boot, you’ll find a multitude of spares 
  • Spread across a few boxes there are mechanical spares, a replacement steering wheel, and also a kit to replace the vinyl roof 

The Interior

  • Well, the interior of this Chrysler is very much how you’d expect it to be 
  • Filled with button leather seats that look more like Chesterfield sofas than car seats, and lots of American style wood
  • The rear bench seat is huge, with enough space to live in you shouldn’t have an issue putting your passengers back there 
  • It is also nice to see that the leather condition across this bench is also rather good when you consider the age
  • Up front, the two seats are both electrically operated, but then so is everything else inside
  • The passenger side is in good condition with no nasty cracks to the leather, but it does present with the expected age-related wear
  • The drives seat does show a little bit more wear around the bolster, but this does not take away from its comfort
  • In front of the driver, you’ll notice a chain steering wheel; this was put on by the current owner during their second term with the car
  • A more traditional steering wheel is also provided
  • Behind the wheel is the very American dash 
  • Finished in some ‘of the era’ faux wood it is in good condition 
  • Not all of the electrical items could be tested
  • The dials behind show all of the relevant and vital driving information 
  • There is one slight crack to the dash just to the right of the steering wheel 
  • It is a wonderful interior that really shows off what the Americans were building at the time

The Exterior 

  • It is the exterior where this Chrysler captivates the most 
  • Sitting at just shy of 6 metres it will take you about five minutes to walk from front to back
  • Although lengthy, it makes up for this in pure character 
  • With wheel spats, hideaway headlights, and chrome 22” rims no one can miss you arriving 
  • On the whole, the exterior is in good condition 
  • Everything you need is still there, but some areas might need some more work than others 
  • Dotted around the exterior are some areas of paint bubbling so you may want to address these 
  • The vinyl roof will also need some work 
  • There is a kit to do this within the spares pile so this should take some of the difficulty out of the operation 
  • You may also wish to see to the chrome wheels with a wire brush just to knock off some of the surface corrosion 
  • Underneath, however, looks to be in very good condition 
  • Finished with underseal it appears to be okay from a quick look
  • If these wheels don’t do it for you, then don’t worry, a set of the more traditional style will come with the car as well
  • You may also wish to spend an afternoon with a polisher just to bring back some of the shine to the car
  • With this job complete it will look like a different car 
  • As there are only two of these cars in the UK right now you will probably never see someone with the same car as you 
  • Although this car could benefit from a little bit of TLC you’ll be rewarded with an excellent classic 

The Mechanics 

  • Laid out in a footprint large enough for a 3-bed detached house the engine bay is filled with American muscle
  • Under the hood, you’ll find a relatively small 7.2l V8!
  • All jokes aside, this Detroit engine is in good condition
  • It started up on the day of the photo shoot and idled with ease 
  • It did however pull off of its drive and turn around without complaint 
  • As the current owner has had the pleasure of owning the car three times, they know it mechanically
  • This means that they would be the best authority to ask about how the car runs and drives 
  • Overall, the mechanicals appear to be in good condition 
  • Getting out on the road with this land yacht will be a memorable experience 
  • Wafting along in immense comfort it will be a great road tripper 


What a car this is, an interior filled with leather, an exterior with huge character, and an engine bay that has a huge engine shoehorned in. With all of these elements combined this has the potential to be a real asset to your collection.

Can you imagine this car after just a little bit of work, it will bring traffic to a standstill as you roll on past.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1978
  • Make Chrysler
  • Model New Yorker Brougham
  • Colour White
  • Odometer 40,579 Miles
  • Engine size 7000
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location Essex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
11 bids from 7 bidders
  • mason.e•••• £4,000 29/11/22
  • neznoz7•••• £3,300 29/11/22
  • dolores•••• £2,800 29/11/22
  • dawid-h•••• £2,600 29/11/22
  • neznoz7•••• £2,500 28/11/22
  • Douglas•••• £1,900 28/11/22
  • neznoz7•••• £1,800 28/11/22
  • dolores•••• £1,200 28/11/22
  • Sasquat•••• £1,000 27/11/22
  • Perry C•••• £600 27/11/22

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