1991 Ford Sierra Sapphire GLX


  • Excellent condition throughout 
  • Low owners and low miles 
  • Enthusiast owned and used mainly for weekend driving pleasure

The Appeal

This car was brought to the attention of the current owner through their marketing for their business of buying cars to provide to the trade. The previous owners’ niece contacting the current owner, as the previous owner had unfortunately passed away, transferring the ownership to his widow.

Both previous owners have been nothing short of meticulous in keeping and maintaining the Sierra with the foresight to protect things such as the interior and the health of the driveline. Now at auction this is a fantastic little time capsule that wouldn’t look out of place being used on the road as well as sat on a plinth in a museum.

aDA7Fc4wBqruO4OGSaBiJEKc3Sov2douwxQeBPnz.jpeg 1002.93 KB

The History and Paperwork

  • Stacks of MOT certificates
  • Haynes manual included
  • Invoice from recent service overhaul
The Ford has got a fair stack of history with the car although the record of invoices is perhaps less than you might imagine. This is due to the car being maintained by the enthusiast previous owner in his dedicated home workshop, coming from a generation where it was more practical and just as easy to maintain your own car at home, especially if you were interested and skilful in such endeavours as was it seems, the previous keeper.

The car was passed onto the previous keeper’s widow in name and has been SORN since 2018 where it was kept garaged (as it was much of its life). The current owner has given the car an intensive service with fluids, filters, strut mounts, alternator bearings and back box being changed out to make sure this car is as sweet as it can be. An especially nice touch is the original owner’s handbook, receipt of sale and first service which came from nearby Target Ford in Gloucester where the previous owner had a ‘privileged customer card’ so clearly was well regarded by the dealership.

RCYCX8kA7M6JN8QUYO68jfB5ugPeCVUy8A9Jz3iO.jpeg 858.28 KB

The Interior

  • Near immaculate interior all round
  • Stunning condition around the sunroof
  • Everything reported to be in good working order
The interior of this car looks as if it was a forgotten example, stowed away in the back of a Ford dealership for 30 years and only just rediscovered, there is very little wear and tear to speak of anywhere. This is in part because the owner put over the seats a set of thick seat covers the day he purchased the car, this has left the underlying fabric in wonderful original condition with even little wear to the bolsters.

There is a much lower than expected level of wear and tear around the main touch points in the car as you can see from the gear knob, door cards and steering wheel which all look as though they haven’t been touched. From what we saw there was barely a stich out of place or an area of excessive wear throughout, a true testament to the care this car received during its life.

LnxuJu9MC08r4SZe7752aoOM057vsOWBM7CRRsxg.jpeg 545.59 KB

The Exterior

  • Burgundy/shadow colour scheme in fantastic condition
  • All body panels straight with very few if any blemishes
  • Wheels in great condition also with some good-looking tyres condition wise
The exterior of the Sierra Sapphire GLS is much more subdued than its crazy Cosworth cousin however it’s still oozing with 90’s charm and executive style. Being a 30-year-old vehicle, the paint and condition of the body panels defies belief, looking down the side of the car you’d be hard pressed to find any obvious dings, dents or scuffs. 

The current owner has had a few things tidied up too, being in this good condition there was a 20p size blister on the rear arch which has been professionally and sympathetically returned to its best, along with a small scuff on the ‘shadow’ area in front of the rear wheel. With those being the only sections, the owner has had to give attention to its no wonder they jumped at the chance to take this vehicle in. 

We strongly suggest you take a look at the photos in the gallery below as they’ll do more still to convince you of just how good a condition this vehicle is in. 

The Mechanics

  • Recent thorough and intensive service with fluids, filters and other parts replaced
  • Reported to drive fantastically both suspension and drive train
  • Low mileage at less than 50,000 
The current owner reports that the car drives like a dream, taking the car on they had a garage give the car a service/recommission after the car’s time SORN since 2018. With the car only needing little bits and pieces replaced, such as the alternator bearings as they were a little noisy, strut mounts as they looked a little tired and a new back box which finishes off the rear nicely, it surely pays proof to the mechanical ability of the previous keeper.

From what we can see in the engine bay, the plastics are in good condition, there are no obvious signs of fluid leaks or exposed wires or damaged tubing. Even the underside of the car looks to be in good condition aside from some surface corrosion on some of the suspension parts, certainly though far better than the expected condition of a 30-year-old vehicle.

eoE6butGwKgJrq5opbhdgmQsgwJanub0h7QXXRuZ.jpeg 504.85 KB


This is a fantastic condition vehicle and a story you don’t often hear much of any more with one careful and considerate enthusiast owner from new, still in the location they purchased it from all those years ago. The Sierra in any form has been sneaking its way back into style and with examples like this to show its no surprise. If you’ve been looking for a wonderful classic Ford we think we have the perfect example for you here.

Please see our FAQs here and our Terms & Conditions here

Vehicle specification
  • Year 1991
  • Make Ford
  • Model Sierra Sapphire GLX
  • Colour Burgundy
  • Odometer 49,262 Miles
  • Engine size 1998
  • Town Tewkesbury
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Location Gloucestershire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
25 bids
  • andrew.•••• £8,200 03/10/22
  • shaun-c•••• £8,100 03/10/22
  • kimberl•••• £8,000 03/10/22
  • shaun-c•••• £7,900 03/10/22
  • kimberl•••• £7,800 03/10/22
  • shaun-c•••• £7,700 03/10/22
  • kimberl•••• £7,600 03/10/22
  • shaun-c•••• £7,400 03/10/22
  • kimberl•••• £7,200 03/10/22
  • shaun-c•••• £7,100 03/10/22

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