1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6


  • Well documented history 
  • Presented in very good condition
  • Thousands spent in the past few years

The Appeal

The VW Corrado is a very interesting product from the German Marque, this example is a rarer and more sought after version fitted with the 2.9l VR6 engine. 

Throughout its life it has been looked after properly by all of its owners which has resulted in a history folder filled with invoices.

Now it is your turn to own this excellent example of a rare car that you seldom see up for sale. Presented for sale in very good condition when you consider its age, this could be the best VR6 on the market today. 

The History and Paperwork

  • The history folder that comes with this car is extensive with the current owner compiling it into an easy to decipher spreadsheet documenting all of the work from 1996-2022.
  • Referring to this spreadsheet we can speculate that the car was used as a daily commuter as it reached large distance milestones quickly 
  • It may have reached the milestone quickly, but it was also kept serviced properly at the Sidlow VW main dealer, this service record is continued through its life as is shown in the well-stamped service book
  • After these services, we can see that it starts to receive some mechanical maintenance, items such as bulbs, wiper blades, tyres, and dampers are referenced within the first 100,000 miles. 
  • From 2003-2006 it receives a lot of work, such as a new starter motor in 2004, 2 new brake hoses in 2005, and also a new mid and rear exhaust section and some paintwork in 2005. 
  • In 2006, whilst sitting on 114,000 miles, the timing chain, oil seals, clutch, brake lines, and coolant fluid are all replaced. Covering only 16,000 miles since these should still be in good condition 
  • In 2007 there is a large invoice for nearly £1,000 which documents a new front bumper along with a new fog lamp and indicator lamp 
  • The invoices continue throughout the rest of the noughties and into the ‘10s. 
  • Between 2011-2016 the car was SORN 
  • A prospective buyer will be able to view this spreadsheet as it has been photographed in its entirety.
  • The current owner acquired the car in 2020, the Corrado was a car that they had lusted after since owning an original Scirocco.
  • They bought the car from someone who had owned countless Corrado’s through their time, and they had sourced this example from a member of the Corrado club
  • One of the first jobs the current owner had completed was a course of rust prevention. It has had Dinitrol injected into the cavities and the suspension components have been cleaned and subsequently waxoyled
  • Following the rust prevention work, they turned their attention to the rear brakes.
  • They received a full overhaul, with new calipers, carriers, braided hoses, springs, handbrake cable, rear brake discs, rear wheel bearings, rear brake pads, and rear ABS sensors. 
  • The front brakes would also receive some attention the following month. 
  • After 25 years on the road, the front grill was a little bit tired, so the current owner sourced a new genuine grill through Heritage VW parts
  • In December of 2020, the steering received some love, with new track control arms, bushes, pinch bolts, and hex bolts as well.
  • Following on from the brake and steering overhauls, the suspension then received some attention with new shocks, springs, bellows, and rubber mounts
  • 4 new Toyo Proxes tyres were fitted in January this year
  • The most recent entry into this spreadsheet was the MOT which took place on the 5th of May this year, which means you now have almost 11 months of motoring without having to worry about an MOT.
  • With such a detailed history this is a great Corrado to own as you can clearly see that it has been looked after properly throughout its life.
  • It is now your turn to add to the history during your ownership.

The Interior

  • The Cloth seats are in very good condition 
  • The sunroof works as it should 
  • Presented in great condition

If you were to pop your head into the cabin without looking at the odometer, you’d be stunned to discover what the mileage figure was. The interior of this Corrado has been persevered well during its 27 years on the roads.  

If we begin by looking at the seats, we can see that the fabric used to cover them is presented very well today. As you would expect all of the passenger seats are presented in great condition, this is because they do not experience the usage pattern that the driver’s seat does. 

Saying this though, the driver’s seat still looks good with no rips or tears to the material, the only detail that may portray its age is some slight sagging to the material, but nothing to worry about really. 

Looking at some more overlooked features on an interior, such as carpets, headliners, and even door cards we can see that these too are presented in very good condition. With no worrying marks or damage to the materials used. 

This car is fitted with an electric sunroof, a great feature to add some more ventilation to the cabin, on the day of the photoshoot this sunroof performed as it should. 

It fully retracted and tilted as you would expect it to. Sometimes, older cars with sunroofs may experience issues with water ingress and the rubber seals perish with age, upon a quick visual inspection, it would seem that there is no apparent watermarking or damage. 

Once you get into the interior of this modern classic you will just want to get out and drive the car, with some great driving characteristics this cabin will be full of happy memories for you well into the future. 

The Exterior 

  • All four Speedline alloys look amazing
  • 4 new Toyo fitted recently 
  • Striking styling 

The exterior of a Corrado is one of its best features, with a long sleek nose design and hunched rear section it looks like a purposeful modern classic hot hatch. 

Its three-door design also adds to its sporty curb appeal.

The black paint that this Corrado is finished in has been preserved well over the past 20+ years, and as you can see from the photos it is still very deep and shiny, providing reflections you would expect from a mirror, not automotive paint. 

There are a couple of interesting features on the exterior of this example. For starters the, like new, Speedline alloy wheels which are finished in a traditional silver show no major signs or arguments with curbs. 

These alloys have also been shod with four matching Toyo Proxes tyres that should be nice and grippy. Another cool ‘90s feature on the exterior is the rear spoiler, this is reported to extend above 60 mph perfectly, it will then lower as you slow down.

If you are to look over the exterior with a fine-tooth comb you will, of course, find a few areas that are not up to Concours standard, but for a 27-year-old hatchback, the exterior is in extremely good condition. 

A few small marks can be found at the off-side of the rear bumper, a little love tap has resulted in some scraping. 

There is also a small scratch on one of the doors, and some stone chips on the edge of the bonnet. But for a car that has covered 129,000 miles the exterior really is in great condition. 

The Mechanics 

  • The timing chain & clutch were replaced 16,000 miles ago
  • Fitted with the sought after VR6 engine
  • Well serviced throughout its life

Thanks to all of the history that comes with this car, which has been documented through the paperwork section, you will be able to build up a picture of just how great this car will be to live with.

From the beginning the VW made the Corrado a bit of a dark horse, fitting it with the VR6 engine meant it has more than enough power to keep up with modern day traffic, and even would-be boy racers. 

The VR6 also offers something that lacks in modern cars, a character, the engine provides a soundtrack unlike any other car from the ‘90s, and driving characteristics that will make you smile no matter what road you’re on.  

One thing that you should always look at when considering a classic car is when the big mechanical jobs were last complete, such as timing chains and clutches. 

Luckily both the timing chain and clutch were both replaced only 16,000 miles ago so you should have lots of life left with both key components.

The previous enthusiastic owners have spent a lot of money to keep her in tip-top condition throughout their ownerships. This has then been mirrored by the current owner who has spent time and money overhauling the brakes, suspension, and steering making it a pleasure to drive. 

They chose this car mainly because of its previous owners and unmolested condition, keeping it this way throughout their ownership the baton now passes to you to keep it on the road in tip-top condition.


With this Corrado having so much history, a string of enthusiastic owners, and the recent work that has been carried out it could be the best on the market. 

Don’t miss out on this car, it is a bit of a dark horse on the road and will subsequently be a hoot to drive. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1995
  • Make Volkswagen
  • Model Corrado VR6
  • Colour Black
  • Odometer 129,810 Miles
  • Engine size 2861
  • Town Horsham
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location Sussex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
30 bids
  • Au•••• £7,900 28/06/22
  • ro•••• £7,800 28/06/22
  • Au•••• £7,700 28/06/22
  • ro•••• £7,600 28/06/22
  • Au•••• £7,500 28/06/22
  • co•••• £7,250 28/06/22
  • mi•••• £7,125 28/06/22
  • co•••• £6,950 28/06/22
  • si•••• £6,750 28/06/22
  • co•••• £6,500 28/06/22

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