2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 ES


  • Painstaking recommissioned with some tasty additions
  • Ultra-clean chassis 
  • Re-built turbo
  • Very clean interior
  • Possibly the best D2 on the UK market today 

The Appeal

When Land Rover decided to add a new car to its line-up in the late 80s they came up with the revolutionary Discovery, using many parts from the more expensive Range Rover it was the perfect car to inject into the high-end SUV market of the time. 

After 10 years the first generation was retired in favour of the Discovery 2.  

Still heralded today as one of the best Land Rover products to grace the roads the second-generation ‘Disco’, as it is affectionately known, followed the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ motto. 

Using the same underpinnings as its older brother it kept its incredible off-road capabilities but offered more interior comfort for the occupants, like leather seats and even satellite navigation in some cases. 

This example has been painstakingly and professionally put back together over the past couple of years by the current owner, who is a master when it comes to anything mechanical. 

With this rebuild process complete it is about as close as you can get to owning a new Discovery 2 in 2022. 

The truck does not display any of its 20 years on the road and it is a pleasure to either drive or to be a passenger.

The History and Paperwork

  • Built-in the famous Solihull factory in 2002 this Discovery has lived a fairly easy and simple life since this 
  • First owned by a famous comedian, it is used by their other half as a luxurious comfortable SUV
  • It then goes on to its second owner who was interesting from the stories told about him
  • Then finally, it ended up with its current owner
  • Purchasing this truck towards the end of 2020 it is in a bit of a sorry state after 18 years of use, so they set about recommissioning this so it can be the best in the UK
  • The list of items that have been addressed during this process is extremely long, but there are some interesting parts to have been fitted 
  • Starting off some fetching body colour wheel arches have been fitted, over time the original ones becoming more like sandpaper and date the exterior. With this simple upgrade, the exterior looks like new again 
  • To match the exterior condition of the arches the interior of the arches have been professionally repaired and rust protected 
  • The sunroofs have been taken apart, resealed, and then fitted with new motors. At the flick of the switch the electric sunroofs shoot back 
  • To match the new sunroofs, the exterior of the roof has been resprayed and the windscreen has been replaced. Whilst the windscreen was out the current owner undertook a rigorous course of rust repair and subsequent prevention
  • Along with a new windscreen, the only original plastic plenum left in the country has also been fitted. Underneath the plenum are also new wiper motor workings
  • A common issue with these Discovery’s is a sagging headliner, you’ll be happy to hear that this one has been replaced
  • The interior has been thoroughly cleaned and the driver’s seat has had some slight repairs to bring it back up to great condition 
  • This Disco has the rare rear aircon option. Fitted in the roof they offer extended comfort for the rear passengers 
  • The air conditioning has also received an overhaul with a new radiator, a full clean and re-gas
  • Now we have looked at some of the more cosmetic and comfort features that have been overhauled it is time to move on to the mechanical aspects that have been renewed.
  • As you would expect there were a few oil leaks, but these have been seen to and it now leaks a lot less
  • A new oil cooler has been fitted, along with new oil filters 
  • Over time the exhaust manifolds will warp on a TD5, this one was no different, after some hard work the current owner has fitted a new de-webbed manifold with new studs 
  • The turbo has been removed and the internals have been completely overhauled 
  • A new injector harness has been fitted, along with a new alternator and vacuum pump, a fuel regulator, new shocks and front turrets, a full engine service and the diffs have all been checked over 
  • The alloys have all been refurbed and four new General Grabber AT3’s have been fitted, perfect for on and off-road use this Disco is ready for anything
  • Most importantly the chassis on this Discovery is near perfect. The underside has been taken back completely to bare metal and then re-painted with three coats of black. This should protect the chassis well into the future 
  • With all of this work completed this Land Rover is practically like new and unlike any on the market today. 
  • As you’d expect there is a fairly sizeable file of invoices to support all of this work, along with the all important V5 
  • The service book is stamped irregularly, but with all of the work that has just been carried out the service book is almost null and void, she is like new.

The Interior

  • Fitted with electrically controlled black leather seats
  • Sunroofs completely overhauled 
  • New headliner fitted 

The Discovery brand is all about rugged comfortability, with a go-anywhere drivetrain and leather clad interior it really lives up to this ethos. Being an ES model there are a few extra interior features over other, more basic models. 

To start with the seats are nice and comfortable, and also electrically operated, making them a great place to sit as you rule over the roads. 

These seats are presented extremely well with the two rear most seats in the boot looking like they have never seen any use at all. There were some small repairs done to the driver’s seat, but they have been completed professionally and are indistinguishable.

To match the black seats, the black carpets are presented very well. Upon lifting the thick rubber Land Rover stamped over-mats the carpets beneath look very good for their age indeed. 

This really is a proper interior, filled with large physical buttons and levers to operate big mechanical features like the hill descent control, transfer box, and the rear air suspension. All of which work perfectly fine.

As we have already mentioned the interior has had some work during its recommissioning. 

Mainly the headlining, a large job to undertake, it has been completed very professionally with no wrinkles to the new material. It is set into this headlining that you find a rather rare feature indeed, extended air conditioning in the rear cabin. 

You seldom see this option today, but wow does it increase the comfort level for your rear passengers. With the work carried out to the air-con system these work well too.

When you climb up into this interior you know that you are at the helm of something big and special, with more than enough room for any outdoor activities that you may wish to go out and do. 

This interior will hold the key to unlocking many happy memories for you in the future.

The Exterior 

  • Refurbished alloys with great all-terrain tyres
  • Presented in amazing exterior condition 
  • A classless design that allows you to look good anywhere

When it was launched in 1998 the Discovery two looked very of the time and quickly become outdated in regards to its looks. 

So, in 2002 a facelift was required, only a few items were updated but most notable the lights were changed and boy do they make the exterior look new even 20 years later. 

Should you be invited to a high society ball or be going to the tip a facelift Discovery 2 never looks out of place. Finished in a rather fetching silver with black plastic elements it really is a timeless design that just looks right. 

The exterior of this Discovery is present in near immaculate condition, thanks to the current owner, all of the body panels are nice and straight, and the wheels have been recently professionally refurbished. 

All of the light lenses are great with one new headlight and some rear clusters they do look excellent. 

It may look like a large vehicle, but it is only a little wider than a new VW Golf and shorter than a BMW X3. Meaning that it is a manageable size for almost anywhere, even a city centre. With the additional rear parking sensors, it will make parking a doddle.

At the moment this Discovery is presented in un-modified exterior condition, it looks great like this, but should you wish to maybe add a roof rack, or other exterior modifications then you’ll be happy to hear that there are a lot of extras that you could be put on should you wish.

This really is a great-looking premium 4x4 that will look great on your driveway or within your collection. 

With all of the work completed by the current owner, the exterior should look this good long into the future, especially in regards to the chassis. 

The Mechanics 

  • Fitted with the more desirable TD5 engine 
  • Stage 2 re-map – drives a lot better now
  • Fully re-commissioned turbo

This is where the Discovery shines, with the rugged and proven underpinnings from the early Range Rovers but with some interesting modern technology. The current owner has spent a lot of time and money getting this truck up to excellent mechanical condition, it now drives like new.

The Discovery 2 came with two engine options a big petrol V8 or turbo diesel known as the TD5. The TD5 is legendary amongst Land Rover circles and is often revered as the best diesel Land Rover ever produced. 

Mated to a smooth 4-speed automatic this is a true pleasure to drive. The driving characteristics are further improved by the rebuilt turbo, new suspension setup, and even a re-map. 

Now there is a reason for this re-map, it’s not a childish modification, more of a necessity if you have a TD5 auto. This re-map provides more power which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and the gearbox is a lot more responsive. A much-loved feature of the re-map is that it will actually save fuel, weird we know but it's true. 

Whoever had the pleasure of owning this Discovery next will be buying a new 20-year-old car. 

It feels nice and tight on the road, kicking down nicely and changing gear smoothly, the brakes are good, so it is just a nice car to get out and drive.


This Discovery is well worth the money with so many new OEM, reconditioned, and tasteful aftermarket parts this is such a lovely truck to own and drive.

Actually, it’s more like driving a car with its comfort and build quality. 

The current owner has put in a lot of time and effort to make this Discovery 2 into what we have here before us and what an incredible job they have done. 

Whoever has the pleasure of owning this car in its next chapter of life will have one excellent vehicle for the future. Whether it was parked in Buckingham Palace or a Lidl car park it will always just fit into the situation, much like a chameleon. 

To find an example of this quality you would usually have to look at a Japanese import, but this example is even better than one from Japan.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2002
  • Make Land Rover
  • Model Discovery 2 TD5 ES
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 122,591 Miles
  • Engine size 2495
  • Town Dunmow
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location Essex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
22 bids
  • jo•••• £7,600 23/06/22
  • da•••• £7,500 23/06/22
  • Av•••• £7,400 23/06/22
  • da•••• £7,000 23/06/22
  • ll•••• £6,800 23/06/22
  • Ji•••• £6,500 23/06/22
  • ll•••• £6,000 23/06/22
  • da•••• £5,750 23/06/22
  • da•••• £5,500 23/06/22
  • gr•••• £5,350 23/06/22

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