2004 Land Rover Wolf Defender


  • Extremely low mileage from new
  • Was used by a private company to test mine detecting equipment 
  • Comes with a lot of extras, super cool

The Appeal

Not only is this the coolest sounding Defender of them all, the Wolf, but this example has an incredibly unique and interesting past that no other Defender could compete with. If you like unique cars, then this is the car for you.

We will delve into the detailed history in a second, the big headline figures for you to take in now is that this is a 1 owner, low-mileage truck from new. Many Defenders will see this usage within a week if not a month, but not 18 years. These figures are almost unheard of.

tb1.jpeg 1.58 MB

The History and Paperwork

  • As with all Wolf Defenders, its first owner was the UK military. It is near impossible to prove with who or where this truck served but it must have never been used at all
  • Fitted with a full canvas rear hood and even doors it could be possible that it was due to go to a hot climate. 
  • One of the coolest features fitted from the factory is the Slewing Ring & Cone receiver. Basically, a small turret in the rear of the bed that is mounted to the roll cage. It has been deduced by a local Land Rover enthusiast that this was potentially used to launch a drone on this truck.
  • The original build sheet for the truck with all of the options fitted for the army is included in the gallery so you will be able to see just how many incredible and unique features are on this Defender 110
  • After its short spell with the MOD and somewhat lack of use, it goes up for sale and is bought by a private defence company in 2007 who were based in Lancashire to be used to demonstrate their mine detection equipment
  • Upon arrival, there were a few modifications made, like new bumpers, lots of antennae mounts, and a computer in the rear bed to help operate all of the mine detection equipment
  • The V5 present says that this vehicle was not registered for normal road use until 2010.
  • During its time with this company, it is used for extremely light tasks. Its role was to drive up and down a set course to test the company’s equipment. Hence the low mileage
  • Throughout their ownership, it is owned by two divisions within the company, so although it shows 1 previous owner plus the owner on the V5, it really has only had 1.
  • The current owner acquired it before it could be snapped up by a Land Rover dealer and they have looked after it in the meantime.
  • Sometimes Defenders may be a bit marmite, you either love them or you don’t. But everyone should love this 110, just because of its unique and individual story.
  • Although it has not covered many miles, it has been serviced by the previous owners and it even received its yearly MOT 
  • The current owner has stated that it will have a new MOT put on it for the new owner, it will also have a new service, and should the garage find anything untoward it will also be replaced. So, you won’t have to worry about doing any of these little jobs, you can get in and just drive away.
  • It will also get a new diesel diaphragm as this has perished, but this is a common problem on the TD5 engine, and it will be sorted before you collect it.

Note: Believed to be a Land Rover 'Wolf', however, the vehicle cannot be properly authenticated 

The Interior

  • Drone launching turret in the rear bed
  • Floor pans look nice and solid 
  • Rugged and hose-able interior

With the Wolf Defenders' purpose being solely military, to begin with the interior is necessarily rugged, featuring few comforts you’d find on a civilian Defender. However, with bucket loads of character, the interior is pretty cool when compared to the modern Defender.

This truck has been fitted with three seats, two in the front and one in the rear bed facing out. All three of these seats are presented in great condition showing little to no signs of wear at all, probably due to the number of miles this truck has covered, or in this case, not covered. The front passenger seat is probably the most interesting. It appears to be on some sort of gas strut that will allow it to raise and lower, at the time of the photos it was at its extended height. 

Another interesting feature of the interior are the doors or lack of conventional doors. As an extension of the rear bed cover, the front doors are canvas affairs that you zip up when you don’t want to be open to the elements. A pretty cool feature that you wouldn’t get away with in today's health and safety gone made climate. The passenger door works well, however, the driver’s door could do with some attention around the zip. A great thing with Defender is the sheer number of aftermarket/genuine parts, so should you wish that you don’t quite want to drive around with canvas doors then a set of steel doors shouldn’t be that hard to source. 

Being the 110 you get a larger cargo area, in this example, it has the third seat fitted, and the turret on the top of the roll cage. There is also ample space for storage along the sides so it is an incredibly versatile vehicle that you can tailor make around you to create the perfect truck for your needs.

tb3.jpeg 1.01 MB

The Exterior 

  • Fully canvas exterior 
  • Quick-releasee windscreen fitted
  • The underside is in great condition 

Who doesn’t love the exterior design of the Defender, when it was retired in 2012 you could almost trace the origin of this design all the way back to the first Series from just after the second world war.

The exterior of the Wolf Defender is even cooler than a normal Defender. Finished in the obligatory olive green and khaki canvas roof/door sections you just know that it can go anywhere. The ‘steelies’ fitted are not only rugged, but they are in good condition, along with the tyres that surround them. The spare wheel is fitted to the side of the roll cage, which just adds to the look whilst still being practical.  

During its second life as the mine detection vehicle this Defender was fitted with a new front bumper that could be lowered and raised when out mine detecting, it also had several aerials/antennae’s fitted to once again help with the detection. Should you wish to change the bumpers the original steel ones will come with the car and all of the extra aerials will come with it too. 

Honestly, there are so many interesting features on the exterior that you would be here all day reading about them. The main points have been photographed, including the chassis condition, so that you can have a look through at your pleasure.

tb2.jpeg 1.75 MB

The Mechanics 

  • Fitted with the TD5 engine, not the Puma 
  • 5-speed manual with hi/low ranges and diff-lock
  • Low mileage example

Mechanically this Wolf should be like new, with so few miles on the clock all of these parts are barely run in. This means that you will have many years of happy motoring ahead of you with this unique truck.

Throughout its production, you could have got the Defender with 4 different diesel engines, the 200 & 300 Tdi, the TD5, and Puma which is just a glorified Transit engine. Anyone who knows Land Rovers knows that the TD5 reigns supreme over the other diesels, with great toque, dependable running, huge tuning capabilities, and it even sounds mega for a diesel. 

The current owner did mention that they will put a new MOT on this vehicle before you pick it up, it will also have a new service, and anything found to be untoward during the time at the garage will also be replaced. This will allow you to start your exciting new journey with this Wolf with the best possible foot forwards.  

Built for the MOD this Defender had to be more rugged and more dependable than the civilian Defender. As a result, the Wolfs have a heavy-duty chassis, axles, and diff lock as standard. As a result, these Wolfs will plug on forever.

If you have ever looked at a Land Rover product of this age you know that you need to be looking out for dreaded chassis rot. On visual inspection, the chassis appears to be in very good condition. The rear legs are solid, and all four suspension/shock mounts look to be as good as the day they left the factory. 

Whether you are nipping to Tesco’s for a pint of milk or detecting land mines in a warzone it will do it without even batting an eyelid. This is one incredibly capable truck waiting for you to use it.


How do we summarise such an interesting and unique vehicle? Something that you may never come across again this is not a Wolf Defender to be missed, it will make a great car to talk about at the pub or car show. 

With so few miles, great running condition, and extremely solid chassis it is like no other Defender out there. You will be getting one amazing truck for your money, something that will always put a smile on your face. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2004
  • Make Land Rover
  • Model Defender 110
  • Colour Green
  • Odometer 1,743 Miles
  • Engine size 2.5L
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Ware
  • Location Hertfordshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
37 bids
  • fl•••• £17,750 27/11/22
  • cl•••• £17,250 27/11/22
  • fl•••• £16,750 27/11/22
  • cl•••• £16,500 27/11/22
  • fl•••• £16,250 27/11/22
  • cl•••• £16,000 27/11/22
  • fl•••• £15,750 27/11/22
  • cl•••• £15,500 27/11/22
  • fl•••• £15,250 27/11/22
  • cl•••• £14,000 27/11/22

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