2005 Audi TT


• Immaculate original condition
• Full dealership/specialist history 
• Low mileage 
• One careful lady owner 
• Fantastic mechanical condition with new cambelt

The Background

In the 90s, Audi’s executives asked their design team to come up with a sports car that would fit into their current range, the designers came back with a prototype that received a spectacular reception at the 1995 Frankfurt motor show. Audi then did something not many manufactures do and made the car exactly to the concept on which it was based. 

The car sold well, much to the delight of customers and executives alike. Based on the Volkswagen Group A platform, on which the A4, A3 and Mk4 Golf was built, the car was much prettier and sportier. 

The History

This Audi TT is the holy grail of conditions and backgrounds when looking for a second-hand car to buy. It’s a one careful lady owner car with low mileage that has been routinely and meticulously maintained by either Audi dealerships or specialist garages. It has very low miles for a 16-year-old car with on average less than 2000 miles a year, the car has also been methodically documented over its life as well with every receipt, invoice and other scrap of paper being collated and filed in its comprehensive history. 

The owner decided that it was time to move the car on due to her wanting to get a smaller hatchback for a local runabout. The dealer that is now in possession of the car has high standards and despite the routine maintenance, has had the car checked over thoroughly and given the usual mechanical treatments including the cambelt, despite the cambelt being nearly brand new. The car has also had a full intensive valet and any other small bits and pieces that needed replacing, the gallery below should give you a clear indication of just how good a condition this car is.

The paperwork

As previously stated, the paperwork for the Audi is full and comprehensive, to save time and neatly collate the work done to the car during its lifetime, the current owner has put together a table of major work done. Key things to note in the history are:

• The service and cambelt change at 31,675 miles on the 9th of October 2021, 
• The Lower ball joint and anti-roll bar link on 2nd of June at 31,080 miles, 
• Both front lower wishbones and a NSF top strut mount as well as an air conditioning service at 30,343  miles on 13th Nov last year. 
• Cambelt done at 12,935 miles on the 21st Oct 2013
The rest of the work done to the car has been routine maintenance and various perishable items such as filters and fluid changes. 

In addition to the service history, the car also comes with the original dealership brochure detailing the optional extras and different trim options that came with the TT coupe. The owner’s manual, ‘concert sound system’ manual, quick reference guide and service book are also included. The service book has 15 stamps in its pages from Audi dealers or specialist Audi garages. 

The Interior

Inside the Audi you’ll find dealership option light grey, silk Nappa leather with grey carpet, dash and half leather door cards, all highlighted with brushed aluminium accents from the door handles, pedals, air vent bezels, radio cover embossed with ‘TT’ and gear lever surrounds. 

The condition of the interior is near show room spec, there really is nothing wrong with the interior at all, there are some very minor scratched on the brushed aluminium from where presumably the previous owner opened the door with the car key perhaps, but this is being very fussy indeed and we have tried to capture that to show just how minor it is. 

The interior was so clean and unmarked, it still had that ‘new car smell’, upon inspection we did try very hard to find anything to report with regards to the usual areas that see wear and tear such as the gear lever, door shuts, steering wheel, centre console etc but they are all in such wonderful condition that there really is nothing to report. 

Imagine you’ve walked into an Audi dealership back in 2005 and that is the condition this car is in. 

The Exterior

The TT coupe is painted in optional Moro Blue Pearl and has a deep lustre to its shine, along with the pearl metallic specs that really come through in the sunshine. The condition of the paintwork is amazing, on inspection we found an extremely low amount of swirl marks that come about from cleaning, there were no scratches that we could see either with all panels looking straight. 

To further corroborate the condition of the car, the side skirts and immediate underside of the car where Audi have applied ‘orange peel’ effect hard wearing paint is in fantastic condition, it doesn’t look like this car has been driven in rain or on anything other than perfectly clean, smooth tarmac. There were a few scratches under the front bumper, presumably from speed bumps but other than that, this is nothing short of a near showroom fresh exterior. 

Further to the paint, the lights and lenses all round are free of cracking, chips, or any condensation or clouding. The wheels are also in amazing condition, they have been professionally refurbished to a very high standard using sandblasting and powder coating, and now look better than new. There is absolutely no lacquer peel, curbing, scratches or any other damage at all. 

The current owner informed us that they have treated the car to all new centre caps to replace one that had a stone chip so that now all wheels look to be again, showroom fresh. In the interest of honesty and transparency, there is one small knick in the tyre on the front driver’s side, but this is not believed to be structural or likely to cause any issue further along the line. 

The exterior of this car must be seen to be believed, it really is in ‘time capsule’ condition and would make someone very proud to have on their driveway. 

The Mechanics

Powering the Audi is a 1.8T turbocharged, 190 bhp, inline 4, powering the front wheels, this car is not the Quattro version. Everything mechanical on the car is as would be expected from an Audi made product that has been fastidiously maintained and looked after during its very short mileage. 

Everything is tight, the engine pulls well, the brakes are good, the steering is direct, the gearchanges sharp and satisfying and the clutch is effortless. 

As mentioned above the cambelt has been changed recently so should be good for a long while until its next scheduled change, the fluids have been changed recently and the key perishables have also been replaced recently too, leaving the new owner with just the task of driving and enjoying the car to worry about. 

Further to this there is not much more to mention about the mechanicals other than to say this is likely to be a very reliable car with a decent amount of power and thrills from its revvy 1.8L petrol turbo engine. 

Everything under the bonnet looks clean, all rubber piping looks in great condition, all wires are neatly tucked away, the heat shields look as though they have not had too many strenuous heat cycles put through them which suggests the cooling system is up to task, as well as the covers which are also in fantastic condition. 

The Appeal

The Audi TT was a very stylish car in its day and during its development the first edition has aged very well, turning into a very desirable modern classic. The build quality from the factory was superb and was celebrated at time of launch and this shows no sign of deteriorating over this car’s years. 

The TT turned out to be a very usable and successful 2+2 over its years, with plenty of space to give it a great utility when tasked with daily driver duties and an engaging, flattering and enjoyable driving experience when pointed at some twisty back roads. 

Audi’s first versions of the TT is making a marked comeback in the market recently, and with a strong following, plentiful parts and a huge knowledge base, the car is well placed to keep rising in value. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2005
  • Make Audi
  • Model TT Coupe
  • Colour Moro Blue
  • Odometer 31,801 Miles
  • Engine size 1781
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Location Hertfordshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
43 bids
  • dale.ca•••• £8,200 18/07/22
  • dale.ca•••• £7,800 18/07/22
  • Timmyjo £7,700 18/07/22
  • dale.ca•••• £7,600 18/07/22
  • Timmyjo £7,500 18/07/22
  • dale.ca•••• £7,400 18/07/22
  • Timmyjo £7,100 18/07/22
  • dale.ca•••• £6,800 18/07/22
  • Timmyjo £6,600 18/07/22
  • dale.ca•••• £6,500 18/07/22

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