2006 VW Golf MK4 GT Estate


• Full Japanese Service history
• The DSG Gearbox is spot on
• Rare GT model
• Low Mileage 
• Japanese import

The Background 

In 1997 the now legendary Golf entered its fourth generation, this mark 4 would stay in production until 2006 when it was succeeded by the Mk.5. The Mk4 would go on to become the best-selling car in Europe for 2001 and would stay high up in the rankings until the production run ended in 2006. The most famous version of course being the GTI the Grandfather of all hot hatches today this now iconic three letter badging. This Japanese estate version has been fitted with the same engine as the GTI and as a result it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

RKUTGOzytLPOEiJUnqYVa3KmAnxJh45A8T7bMC5F.jpeg 62.67 KB

The History 

This Golf estate has been looked after from the first day of ownership over in Japan. All you have to do is look at the service book and other assorted paperwork that comes with the car and you’ll be able to see that who ever had it from new knew how special this car was. It stayed in Japan only covering short distances until a few years ago when the current owner imported the car over to the UK where they have gone through every part of the car to make sure that it is in as good condition mechanically as it is visually.

The current owner has only just registered it in the UK receiving the number plates a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time that this car will come up for sale in the UK and the next owner will certainly have a special Golf capable of autobahn runs or hauling the family round in style.

01pR7nnyNqLIXUHXiaKeEr7g3ISx8lIGfL5P9ZEE.jpeg 21.86 KB

The Paperwork 

Whenever you see a car that has been imported from Japan you are able to see how much they care about their cars. This car has benefitted from regular servicing, no matter of the miles covered, from a VW dealership. This service history goes all the way back to the first service and with these service stamps you are able to piece together that this car really didn’t cover that many miles in a year.

Because this has been cared for so well there has been no need for any big jobs on the exterior, interior or mechanically so there aren’t any invoices for any works like that. The car also has an up-to-date MOT and a new V5 that has only just arrived from the DVLA.

xM5aJJP00ObOxqIcHXV7OVSELJwz1JTb5rN6pakP.jpeg 33.38 KB

The Interior

You would not know that this car is almost 15 years old, if you look at the interior everything is in as good a condition as when it arrived at the first owner in Japan. The cloth seats are finished in a lovely pattern and they have no rips, tears or sagging in the material, this is due to the low milage of the car, and they are still a comfortable place to sit and take in the miles. All of the switch gear on the interior of this Golf works like the day it left the factory, even the cupholder in the dash ejects itself with vigor.

When you turn the ignition on you can see the lack of miles that this car has covered and that there are no warning lights on the dash.
It is hard to put into words just how nicely cared for the interior has been, the steering wheel doesn’t have signs of wear like an ’06 UK Golf would show, the carpets are in great condition too with no signs of rips or tears.

When you get into the big boot of this Golf estate you can see there is ample room for every lifestyle activity you can think of, if you lift up the boot floor you can see that the original spare wheel sits nicely in the floor with the original tool kit still all in place. One quirky feature within the interior of this Golf is the aftermarket automatic toll collector which is located in the drivers footwell. When you turn the ignition on, she will start talking to you in Japanese, nothing too intrusive, it’s a nice little feature to reference its time in Japan.

1WhDgtof487JEJQA4JQVusduW3nd0tQQnWBm8mZi.jpeg 32.22 KB

The Exterior

The looks of the Mk4 Golf are now in the realms of cult classic and there is a big following for these Golfs in the wider VW community. Finished in a lovely deep black with some nice chunky grey VW 17” alloys this is a body style you don’t tend to see in the UK as many people would’ve just got the hatchback version of the Golf. The factory rear privacy glass really does block any prying eyes from looking into the car, this then serves the other purpose of making this Golf Estate look as much of a sleeper as possible.

With the lower stance, big alloys, and roof bars this has to be one of the meanest looking factory cars from the mid noughties and with only the small GT badge on the boot lid there are little references to just how much of a sleeper this Golf is.

afw4R9sZ3iLw3GSj0lokllVXYnKzEg9r4yboy2Pg.jpeg 62.8 KB

The Mechanics 

As has already been hinted to in previous sections this is not just a normal Mk4 Golf Estate. The subtle GT badge on the back indicates that this car is hiding something under the bonnet. This Golf Estate comes fitted with the same 1.8l Turbo engine that the Golf GTI of the day came with, so in theory this is a Golf GTI Estate. Twinned to the now iconic VW DSG automatic gearbox, this is a comfortable and fast cruiser. The DSG box works excellently in both the automatic function and the DSG manual mode meaning you can really take control of this car when you want to.

With all of the service history that comes with the car you can piece together the fact that this car should be mechanically sound. If you look at other factors like the interior and exterior condition you can see that this Golf has truly been looked after and that the new owner will get a comfortable, reliable, and fast Golf Estate.

whSaswl9eYEUFm3GQjyy9JpvqZFIYA09iMzX5AjV.jpeg 55.18 KB

The Appeal 

With all that has been said about this particular Golf GT Estate you can see that it is a truly special car that has been looked after from day one. The interior condition is second to none, the exterior is a timeless and mean without being too aggressive and the mechanical components of the car have been looked after. With this being a Japanese import you benefit from great attention to detail and the fact that it too is right hand drive making it easily useable on the UK roads.

You are unlikely to find another Golf GT Estate anywhere else in the country so you will the envy of any VW car club/meet and with the added power of the GTI engine you will be able to leave anyone at the traffic lights.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2006
  • Make Volkswagen
  • Model Golf GT Estate
  • Colour Black
  • Odometer 69,657 Kilometers
  • Engine size 1780
  • Town Ascot
  • Location Berkshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
18 bids
  • facilis•••• £5,000 21/01/22
  • kenny-s•••• £4,705 21/01/22
  • facilis•••• £4,500 21/01/22
  • mark-le•••• £4,250 21/01/22
  • charles•••• £4,050 21/01/22
  • Abash12•••• £3,950 21/01/22
  • wombat6•••• £3,750 21/01/22
  • wombat6•••• £3,600 20/01/22
  • The car•••• £3,400 20/01/22
  • wombat6•••• £3,100 20/01/22

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