Aston Martin DB7

*Personal plate not included in auction*

The Appeal

  • Rare and desirable 5-speed manual transmission
  • One of one Motorman Engineering developed engine
  • Engine build to the expense of £50,000
  • 3.2L bored and stroked out to a 3.8L inline 6 cylinder
  • Full Aston Martin service history 

As is the story with most of the opulent British marque’s cars, DB7’s don’t need much of an introduction. Launched in 1994, the DB7 owed nothing to any previous Aston Martin, and this time round it was more Jaguar than any other, but did that really matter when many a pundit declared it the best looking car on sale at the time? Not the best looking Aston, just the best looking car. Period.

This particular model has had some pretty extensive work done, making it a “one of one”, no other Aston you will get your hands on is quite like this one. Motorman Engineering, a bunch of Aston specialist boffins, specially developed an impressive engine at the eye-watering cost of £50,000. We’ll dig into this a little deeper, but take our word for it, this is one serious piece of engineering.

5rPEdHmwVg5XmkSezFmqtcsd4mqYJRBTyVAjofAf.jpeg 396.59 KB

The History and Paperwork

  • Manufactured in 1995
  • First registered on the 1st of August 1995
  • Matching numbers example
  • One-off Motorman Engineering engine build
  • V5C present and in the current owners name
  • Used daily throughout the current owners possession
  • 3 previous owners
  • Excellent Aston Martin service history
  • Original Aston Martin leather booklet
  • Fresh MOT will be applied to the vehicle upon sale

The Interior

  • Magnolia leather upholstery
  • Ruby red leather matched to the exterior of the vehicle
  • Gentle and charming patina throughout
  • Wooden veneer trim
  • Original Aston Martin plaques remain in place
  • Original red carpets in place and well presented
  • Headling in lovely condition with no sagging
  • Rear seats show very little signs of use
  • Boot carpets well presented
  • Spare wheel and toolkit still present with the vehicle

Upon opening the door to this lavish Aston, you get a glimpse of the tremendous specification in which it presents itself with lovely magnolia upholstery, ruby red leather laced throughout and wooden veneer trim. There is some very gentle patina in the higher tactile areas as to be expected of a car this age and mileage, but there is certainly something charming about a vehicle such as this being used the way it was intended to - and it speaks volumes about how enjoyable the car is to drive.

The front seats present themselves in lovely condition with no rips or tears found throughout, just some light signs of wear in the form of creasing and some gentle cracking, mainly to be found on the drivers side cushions. The arm rest shows some of the same wear, with some colour transfer and light scratches however all of the stitching is still intact.  Directly in front of the driver's seat you’re greeted with the lovely ruby red steering wheel which is nicely maintained with no signs of excessive damage, just the normal small nicks characteristic of leather, the stitching appears well kept as does the horn cover wearing its emblem proudly.

Behind the steering wheel the gauge dials remain completely operational, showing the original 139,532 miles under the speedometer. The dials themselves are simplistically beautiful, a light grey face with easy to read numbers, almost resembling that of a nice watch face. Moving across the dashboard we run into some of that wooden veneer trim which presents itself nicely with seemingly no signs of any delamination or cracking. The control panel in the centre console is nicely shown too, all of the printed numbers and symbols are clearly readable and the original tape deck remains in place and is fully functional too. 

 Door cards all appear to be in well maintained condition with just the usual light signs of use, all of the leatherwork is free from damage and the veneer is in good shape too. Moving down to the carpets, the original mats with gold emblems remain in place and seem to be in lovely condition too, retaining great colour saturation. 

In the rear, the two seats remain in great condition as is the case with the vast majority of 2+2 style vehicles such as this - there isn’t a whole lot of legroom back there so these normally get used as storage in most cases. Not a bad thing by any means, some well trimmed luggage space never goes amiss!

This DB7 is a lovely example of a used and well cared for piece of opulence. You can tell the vehicle has been used and not hidden away in storage like most, there’s something charming about that and it speaks volumes for the vehicles comfort and reliability.

The Exterior 

  • Ruby Red paintwork
  • Original body panels 
  • Original wheels in good condition
  • Retrofitted Hella HID headlights
  • Original badging with good brightwork
  • Some gentle blemishes and signs of use

Starting at the front of the Aston, straight away that Ruby red paintwork commands the usual huff of any avid car enthusiast, the colour is dashing and suits the car to an absolute tee. The front bumper appears in relatively good shape, there does appear to be some slight damage around the passenger side lower fog light and just the usual stone chips as far as we can see. The headlights do appear to be in good condition but do have some signs of paint fading on the inside. The original lights have been retrofitted with HID’s and provide a huge improvement over the factory units. The lower driver side fog light does appear to have been cracked but we’re told it remains functional.

Moving around to the side of the vehicle, some areas of the vehicle look like they could do with a little bit of attention such as the driver side front wing, showing signs of what appears to be overspray in areas and some small ripples in the panel, as well as what appears to be a small crack behind the front wheel under the vent. The passenger side exhibits some of the same defects, minus the crack, but overall does appear to be the better of the two. Both doors look to be in good shape with just some light chipping along the edge of the door which have been touched in, and the rear arches appear okay with just some gentle signs of age. All four wheels are original and in  decent shape, with some light scratches and marks, more prominent on the passenger front.

Moving around to the rear of the DB7, that unmistakable rear light shape comes into view. Everything back here appears to be in good order, the lights are free from damage and retain great colour saturation. The original badging remains in place and the brightwork appears in well maintained condition. A handsome rear end, if that’s acceptable to say. It’s what most people will be forced to look at anyway, let's be honest…

jZekfj1oKzvu7LSKl5kXgZUSq764ztqj0D5BPtGq.jpeg 352.85 KB

The Mechanics 

  • 3.2L bored and stroked out to a 3.8L inline 6 cylinder
  • Rare and sought after 5-speed manual transmission
  • Rear wheel-drive configuration
  • Engine build by Motorman Engineering at the expense of £50,000
  • Crower crankshaft and connecting rods
  • Ross Racing pistons
  • Swedish-made supercharger possessing 40% greater performance potential than the original
  • Gas-flowed cylinder head
  • PolyQuad converted cylinder head with PolyQuad cams, believed to be the only DB7 in the world with this unique design
  • 428bhp @ 6,000rpm and 476lb/ft @ 4,000 rpm
  • Fuel injection system upgraded to deal with the additional power

See? We weren’t joking when we said this is some serious bit of kit. Motorman Engineering, who are renowned Aston Martin specialists, completed this one-off engine build at a serious expense. However, that expense paid off, adding almost 100bhp from the original figures as well as over 100 lb/ft of torque - that's a major difference, this ain’t for the faint hearted!

As is the case with any Aston, the drive is just as wonderful as the aesthetics. A great chassis makes for a very driver focused car, which is difficult to achieve in this level of opulence, but the British     marque hits the target perfectly. The engine power is strong, linear and predictable with mountains of torque on the low end and unnecessary amounts of power on the big end. The 5-speed manual transmission remains smooth and precise and engages you with the vehicle, you’re in full control of this road going rocketship.

The vehicle features a fantastic Aston Martin service history too which is a great piece of mind to any custodian, ensuring you that the vehicle has been meticulously cared for with no regard to cost - as should always be the case with vehicles of this calibre. 

You ain’t gonna find another one like this. Literally.

XTzCYPy3t1lBM2FeXqTrWNzo1WDRwPTeta5nkCr2.jpeg 281.31 KB


As far as pub brags go, having a one-of-one Aston Martin sure is up there with the best you can get. It isn’t often you come up against something as wildly rare as this.

If there was ever a car to please a opulence loving thrill seeker, I think we’ve found it right here.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1995
  • Make Aston Martin
  • Colour Ruby Red
  • Odometer 139,532 Miles
  • Engine size 3800
  • Town Bristol
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location City of Bristol
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
4 bids
  • eclipse•••• £14,500 13/10/22
  • ian-pad•••• £13,500 11/10/22
  • Open Ro•••• £2,500 09/10/22
  • Tedella•••• £2,000 09/10/22

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