A labour of absolute love that has taken 6 years to complete. Advisories for corrosion on the underside have been remedied since the last mot, it has been stripped by hand and coated with kurust. Full GOLD service complete engine rebuild by Rotary Revs, West Yorkshire just over a year ago and has covered over 5000 miles since then completely trouble free. This car has had no expense spared with invoices in the past few years totalling over £15, 000. The car was lowered on adjustable coilovers to complete the best looking stance. The car is simply phenomenal to drive, definitely “an experience” this is the 231bhp, six speed, with full Bose surround sound system. The interior is in extremely good condition and electric drivers seat and both front heated seats work perfectly. No warning lights on dash, no hot or cold start issues. I decided to experiment and spray the bottom half Dayton pearl metallic Grey which I thinks unique, I chose not to lacquer the car as I really like it matte. This car is 100% worth a look, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. I don’t think there is a part of the car that hasn’t been replaced for new.

I will potentially look at serious and genuine offers, Any test drive will be accompanied and if you haven’t driven an RX-8 before I will initially drive for you.

I have every previous mot, all the paperwork including original books and all history, from engine rebuild to nuts and bolts. The car has had a total of 5 former keepers, with myself as the 6th. I can not comment on the cars previous repair history but I’ve literally had the entire car overhauled. There is a plethora of receipts and invoices for the car including the engine rebuild detail and receipts.

Exterior the car looks great I think, all of the rust has been repaired professionally, having been taken right back to bare metal at each troublesome point, the car body is completely rust free with the exception of two spots on the roof which combined are smaller than a 5p piece. All lights and doors function as they should trim is all in place and correct. The car has never been involved in an accident so all panels are 100% original and true.

The interior of the car is in almost as new condition with only extremely light wear, it’s extremely clean indeed, in fact the only 1 bit of the interior that does potentially need replaced is the carpet in front of the clutch pedal which is worn, car mats cover it nicely though as it is purely cosmetic. Other than that the interior is fantastic. There is a Bose surround sound system which has 9 speakers I believe, the clarity is incredible. The original factory remote control for the Bose sound system is also present. I’ve upgraded most of the interior and some exterior lights for led which looks great. Electric drivers seat works perfectly as do both heated front seats. I started an aircon delete however all parts are still present in the vehicle with only a new belt required, I prefer the car without it, it’s just not needed in my opinion.

As stated above the engine was rebuilt to GOLD standard by the renowned Rotary Revs in West Midlands, the car has been like new to drive since then, having only covered around 5000 miles since January 2021 when I took delivery post engine rebuild. Everything mechanically is sound, or new lol. I’m very proud to say it is get the odd cheeky management light for the rear O2 sensor but after a couple days hard driving it disappears again, I see it more as a quirk tbh as it effects nothing at all, I think sometimes it just likes to come on, always had it checked though and it’s always the same O2 sensor code, which has been replaced multiple times just to be sure. The car pulls like a train, the acceleration for a 1. 3 is just insane but the aluminium lightweight shell helps, with all the power going to the rear wheels. Fortunately I put £1, 200 worth of tyres on it and they are simply exceptional, a tonne of grip, solid at high speed in corners wet or dry.

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