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1948 Dodge B Series

  • Left Hand Drive
  • Manual, 4 speed
  • Petrol
  • 3100cc
  • 1948
  • XVV347
  • Blue
  • Private seller
  • Claughton-on-Brock, near Prest, United Kingdom


Whilst I am unable to say exactly how many owners this truck has had, I do have an enormous amount of information relating to his history. Its an amazing story that you can read later within this advert.
The truck has been professionally put back onto the road by a very well known and respected "Old School Mechanic" who has appeared on TV.
I bought the vehicle from a private collector during Covid. This person did intend getting the vehicle on the road himself, however when Covid hit, he decided it was going to be too much trouble.
So I bought the truck, and delivered it to my Mechanic, who then spent 6 months (on and off) getting the vehicle fit for the road.
The truck is as solid as the day it rolled off the production line 72 years ago. Everything that has needed to be done, has been done, however nothing has been done to the body, inside cab, or windows, some of which are cracked. This was intentional on my behalf, I did not want to do anything that would detract from the authenticity of this beautiful old truck. When you climb aboard, the smell of the engine and oil will take you on a journey!
This truck, as I later found out is actually called "Old Blue" starts on the button. Well it does once you know how to set up the choke and hand throttle!
With new electrics, tires, fully serviced engine and associated parts, it drives as smooth as a Rolls Royce. Obviously, that's a lie, its a 72 years old farm truck, you and your passengers will be bouncing all over the place on the highly sprung bench seat, with the biggest smile on your face as you realise you are driving a true classic that has had very little done to it in terms of modernisation and is drenched in history. Speaking of which, read on!When the truck was away having all the necessary work being done, this is when my story becomes interesting. I came across a website Barnfinds. com and low and behold, I found my truck. I recognised it immediately, and when checking the number plate, my suspicions were confirmed, yes it was my truck. Here is the write-up.

Old Blue — is what I always called this 1948 Dodge. My father bought it for $100 in 1969 from an uncle of mine who specialized in junkers. It was 21 in 1969, had more than 100K on the odometer, and the engine and transmission were shot, along with almost everything else. It had clearly been sitting idle for a while. I was 15, and the deal was this: If I could get it running, I could drive it when I got my license. I spent nearly a year making it road worthy.

My father, like all the men in our family, did all his own car repairs. So, I grew up helping him, and then took Auto Shop two summers at Sac High. Old Blue was my final exam. The Motor Manual was my Bible. I started by stripping it down to the frame in the garage. My father took me to junk yards to buy a replacement straight six engine (’51) and transmission, among other parts. I had the replacement engine rebored at a shop in Oak Park. When there was no alternative, I bought new parts. But all these costs came from my paper route and odd job earnings. I also rewired the truck, transforming it from a 6 volt to a 12-volt system. I got all the rust off the frame and body, painted a primer coat, and then paid $100 to have it sprayed blue. I also paid to have the seats and interior upholstered in some brown Naugahyde. By Spring 1970, after hundreds of hours of work, hundreds of hard-earned dollars spent, perpetually scraped knuckles and lots of swearing and sweating, Old Blue was again on the road. At that point, my father’s ulterior motive became clear. Whenever he needed the truck, it was his. When he didn’t, I could fill the tank back up and drive it until he needed it again. My father and I used it constantly in the 70s to haul sand, cement, lumber, manure, and everything else needed to renovate old houses and supply his garden. He build a plywood shell for it, and we took it camping and fishing in the Sierra. It was my only ride, and when I took dates to the drive in, we’d set up lawn chairs in the truck’s bed — which I slept on during several road trips. Old Blue carried my rock band’s instruments and amps to the Shire Road Pub and other gigs when I was in college, often with band members in the back, as well. In 1975, I moved to Boston for grad school, and gave my father title to Old Blue. I enjoyed driving it whenever I visited Sacramento, and my father continued using Old Blue regularly to haul things into his 80s. People tried to buy the truck from him all the time, but even after he got too old to drive it, my father wouldn’t sell at any price. I couldn’t put a price on Old Blue either. So, after my father’s death in 2014, I decided to donate Old Blue to the California Auto Museum. I’m 61 now, Old Blue is 67. I’m hoping someone will again restore him, put him back to work, and enjoy him as much as I did.
Well, as you now know, that person was me. As I am not using the truck on a regular basis, it is time for Old Blue to go to his new owner to enjoy and look after.
I believe that I have priced this truck very reasonably, especially as it is a Pilot House, which are extremely rare to find. The price of vehicles such as Old Blue are only going in one direction.
This said, I am in no particular hurry to sell Old Blue, as such the priced is fixed at £18, 500.

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Vehicle location

Claughton-on-Brock, near Prest, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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