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1991 Nissan Figaro


  • Reconditioned engine fitted in 2019
  • A new turbo has been fitted
  • Loveable modern classic 
  • A crowd pleaser

The Appeal

When Nissan released this quirky little car in the 90s, they were met with unprecedented demand and ended up producing more than they ever thought they would. These cars were only ever sold in Japan, and you had to enter a lottery to get one. 

This car appears to have been in the UK since 2009 where it has since had 3 owners. It has recently had a reconditioned engine fitted so you should be able to hop in and create many happy memories with the roof folded back.

The History and Paperwork

  • As with all Figaro’s, this cars starts its life in Japan 
  • It would then spend the first half of its life within the land of the rising sun
  • From online records we can estimate that it comes into the UK in 2009, this is when the first UK logbook is issued
  • Since then, it has had 3 owners 
  • Looking at the MOT date it has been used sparingly throughout its time here
  • There is one large invoice within the paperwork from 2019
  • To summarise the invoice, it received a reconditioned engine, new hoses, and a new turbo. 
  • It has now had more than enough time to ‘run in’ so you should be able to hop in and go anywhere
  • Throughout your ownership you should be able to create lots of lifelong memories at the helm of this quirky modern classic

The Interior

  • Figaro over mats are present
  • Lots of retro switchgear 
  • Excellent with the roof pulled back 

It is not just the outside of the Figaro that is loveable, the interior is filled with charm as well. From its old style analogue dials to its retro looking cassette player, it really is a one of a kind interior that you will instantly fall in love with.

The seats that are fitted to this Figaro are, on the whole, in good condition. The rear bench seats are in the best condition, with the front passenger seat following suit. As you can probably see from the photos the driver’s seat could probably do with a little love. There is a patch of leather that is no longer there, and the base is starting to show some creases. You might find, that because there is a large following for these cars, a replacement seat cover may be easier to find. The marks don’t take away from the comfort or thrill of getting behind the wheel of one of these quirky classics.

The lovable part of any Figaro are of course all of the classic looking knobs and dials that adorn the interior. The classical dials are in lovely condition and make the interior extra special over some modern classics. There does appear to be a missing knob from the tune/balance control.
You may find some other areas of the interior that could do with a little love, but these don’t affect the way the interior works. These slight imperfections can be found in the form of a slight crack in the dash, and some other areas that could do with a rigorous session with a detailer. 
With the roof rolled back though all of these imperfections appear to vanish and with the wind in your hair you forget all of your worries in the world. This interior should hold many happy memories for you and your travel companions in the future.

The Exterior 

  • Loveable looks 
  • 4 matching tyres with hubcaps
  • Finished in Lapis Grey

Any car can pass you on the street, but you always remember the Figaro that passed. These are one of the most recognisable cars on the road. Luckily for you, the exterior of this example is presented nicely.

If you didn’t know, Figaro’s were released in four colours. Each of these colours correspond to a certain season, this example is finished in Lapis Grey which is the colour to symbolise winter. From the photos the paint of this example is still in lovely condition, but you will find a slight dent in the rear wing. 

To compliment the light blue paintwork the roof and hubcaps are finished in a lovely white, these areas too are still presented well. When you also factor in the chrome that also adorns the exterior then this is on beautiful looking modern classic. Speaking of the chrome there is some pitting and corrosion to the front and rear bumpers.

Like the interior there are some areas that need a little TLC, but, when you get these seen to then you will have one beautiful and quirky little car.

The Mechanics 

  • Reconditioned engine fitted
  • New turbo 
  • Smooth automatic gearbox

The Figaro is a perfect car if you wish to get out on a late summers evening with the top down, the 1 litre turbocharged engine pulls you along nicely and when mated to the 3-speed automatic gearbox it is incredibly easy to drive.

This example has had quite a bit of money spent on some rather vital mechanical elements. As we have mentioned before, the original engine has been replaced for a recondition unit a few years ago and it has performed very well ever since. The engine and turbo are now fully run in and ready for any trip you may wish to go on. The automatic gearbox also works well too, switching between its gears smoothly making it a very easy car to drive.

When you get this car out on the road for the first time you will instantly fall in love with its charm out on the open road.  


Everyone loves a Figaro don’t they. Its classical styling make for one of the most recognisable cars on the road today. This examples reconditioned engine should mean that it will live long into the future with you at the helm. 
Modern cars lack fun and quirkiness, so why not buy a modern classic with both of those ingredients in bucket loads. 
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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1991
  • Make Nissan
  • Model Figaro
  • Colour Grey
  • Odometer 90,976 Kilometers
  • Engine size 998
  • Town Henley-on-Thames
Listing Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location Oxfordshire
  • Country United Kingdom

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