1917 Fiat Tipo 2


  • 1917 Fiat Tipo 2 rhd
  • Preserved in conditions of absolute originality
  • Original plates 
  • One owner for ninety years
  • Leather interior
  • Colonial wheels
  • Colonial soft top
  • A rare car preserved in unrepeatable conditions of total originality, efficient and always maintained with competence and respect


In unrepeatable conditions of absolute originality and preserved with commendable care and respect by its current caretaker, this majestic Fiat Tipo 2 remained with its first owner for ninety years and represents a precious opportunity to admire in its most authentic form a true grand tourer from the dawn of motoring.

Even if today we tend to associate the Fiat brand above all with efficient small cars, the Turin Company in its first years produced powerful vehicles of great prestige, such as the Tipo 1 and the more advanced Tipo 2, with a 2612 cm³ four-cylinder engine with 20 hp, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

Appreciated for its toughness and reliability, the Tipo 2 was adopted by the Italian Royal Army during the Italian-Turkish war, thus becoming the first car officially used in a war.

With the Tipo 2B of 1912, Fiat's most successful car in the 1910s, the displacement rose to 2814 cm³ and the power to 28 hp.

This wonderful Type 2B Torpedo had a single owner for 90 years, a French nobleman who used it in the French colonies in Africa and for this reason it still comes with shielded colonial wheels and the rear section and the side panels of the soft top are completely closed to avoid sand infiltration.

After taking it back to France, the owner kept it in his castle and still used it.

The car has never been restored and comes with its original paint, interior and mechanics, never altered or modified.

The mechanics have received constant and scrupulous maintenance and have not been altered or modified in any way.

The electrical system with sterling cables and original junction boxes is in perfect working order.

This Fiat is in excellent condition for a vehicle that is more than a century old and completely original.

The bodywork, although characterized by a noticeable patina, marked by scratches and bruises, is intact and solid and presents no traces of rust or particularly damaged areas.
The headlights are functional and irresistible authentic vintage accessories such as the brass horn and the support for the rear trunk are present and efficient.

For its interesting and adventurous history, for the great historical importance and great charm of the model and for its absolutely unrepeatable state of preservation, this Fiat Tipo 2B will not fail to attract the attention of the most passionate and expert collectors, who will be able to enjoy extraordinary emotions driving it and exhibiting it with great pride at any classic car event, where it will certainly be the center of attention, admired and rewarded for its unique characteristics.


  • Original plates 
  • Registered in France
  • Only one owner for ninety years
  • Original documents

Reflecting the absolute authenticity of this Fiat and the extraordinary care with which it was maintained throughout its life, it comes with its original license plates and documents, as well as the use and maintenance manual in excellent condition.

Information about this model and the interesting history of this particular example will be provided together with the car.

The car is registered in France and is currently located in Italy, near Siena.


  • Preserved interior
  • Leather seats and door panels in good condition
  • Foldable jump seats
  • Solid and efficient dashboard
  • Efficient Officine Galileo gauges
  • Steering wheel in excellent condition
  • Colonial soft top
  • Folding windshield

The cabin of this Fiat is a real time machine, which allows us to breathe in the authentic atmosphere of the origins of motoring.

Comparable only with the emotion that can be felt by visiting an important museum or a historic building, the authenticity of the environment is conveyed by scents, tactile and auditory sensations that are now almost completely forgotten.

The high level of the handcrafted assembly and the durable and precious materials used allow us to enjoy a welcoming and functional space, with a comfortable rear bench upholstered in leather, which is still supple and serviceable, two useful and interesting jump seats in the passenger compartment, which fold up against the front partition, and a front seat in nice shape, which presents only a tear on its back and some slight discolouration.

In the driving seat, the large steering wheel is in excellent condition and the instrumentation, complete and efficient, consists of large circular dials made by Officine Galileo of Florence, a historic manufacturer of precision instruments.

The dashboard is characterized by a very charming patina, with some scratches and abrasions, but in good general condition.

The large, intact and transparent windscreen can be folded down and allows for total open-air driving, made even more pleasant by the comfortable seat and the upraised driving position.


  • In completely original condition
  • Solid bodywork 
  • Colonial wheels
  • Colonial soft top and side panels in good condition
  • Spare wheel on the running board
  • Rear trunk
  • Headlights in good condition
  • Underbody with abrasions and traces of oxidation but free of rust and leaks
  • Widespread scratches and abrasions on the bodywork

Distinguished by the large brass radiator, the large wraparound mudguards, the tall folding windscreen and the big and efficient headlights, the front of this Fiat is austere and imposing and proudly bears the signs of wear reported in his adventurous life.

The bodywork is solid, with well aligned panels, wide fenders in good condition, interesting colonial solid disc wheels and efficient and clean roof mechanisms.

The original paint, although understandably faded in some places, is still in good overall condition.

The complete colonial soft top is in good condition, with all sections intact.

Infinite details of great charm catch the eye all around, like the external brass levers and the spare wheel on the right running board, the toolbox on the left running board and the rear structure designed to accommodate the supplied large removable trunk.

The general image is that of a car of great distinction and prestige, solid and of excellent construction quality.

The underbody shows signs of wear and oxidation, but no traces of rust or noteworthy leaks.


  • Four-cylinder engine of 2,815 cm³ with 28 hp
  • Four-speed gearbox
  • Period tools
  • Always maintained with extreme care
  • Efficient and reliable

Redesigned and improved compared to previous models, the engine of the Fiat Tipo 2 B offered high power for its time, with 28 hp at 2400 rpm, and was very flexible and notoriously reliable.

It used advanced technical solutions, starting from the monobloc launched by the Fiat Tipo 1, much more robust than the single blocks welded together adopted by most of its competitors. It features a Fiat automatic constant level carburettor, side valves, camshaft in the crankcase, forced engine lubrication with gear pump, dry multi-plate clutch, 4-speed gearbox and cardan shaft transmission.

The foot brake acts directly on the transmission.

With a weight of 1400 kg for the Torpedo version, rather modest compared to its generous dimensions, it reached a maximum speed of 75 km/h.

The clean and tidy engine compartment reflects the excellent level of maintenance this car has always received. The cylinder block and the head show no defects or leak and cables and hoses are intact. The many charming brass elements are in excellent condition.

The electrical system is original and efficient.

This Fiat has not undergone any changes over the years, but has always been kept in efficient condition and scrupulously tuned.

The engine starts easily and runs smoothly and all mechanical components work properly.

The seller assures us that there are no issues and the car is ready to drive.

Given the age and exceptional characteristics of this car, the next owner should maintain it with the same care and diligence to keep it in good working order, carrying out the necessary routine maintenance.


This exceptional museum quality Fiat Tipo 2B from the end of the brass era is extremely interesting.

The great historical importance of the model, its fascinating history, the astonishing number of years it was kept by its first owner and the unrepeatable authenticity of all its components make it unrepeatable and extremely fascinating.

Undoubtedly destined to be a valuable addition to any collection and to participate in the most prestigious events, it will not fail to achieve success and attract the admiration of experts.

The incomparable driving experience, the great suggestion of its lines, its inimitable patina and the myriad of precious details that distinguish it will enchant any enthusiast lucky enough to admire it.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1917
  • Make Fiat
  • Model Tipo
  • Colour Blue
  • Odometer
  • Engine size 2815
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Poggibonsi
  • Country Italy
Bidding history
102 bids
  • Mo•••• €55,000 01/10/23
  • Mo•••• €54,500 01/10/23
  • Ka•••• €54,000 01/10/23
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  • Mo•••• €50,500 01/10/23

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