RESERVE LOWERED -1928 Chrysler Six Series 70 Convertible


• Interior and exterior are in excellent condition
• Has been through an extensive restoration, just needs finishing touches
• Refurbished wooden spoked rims
• Rare car on UK roads
• Not seen for the past 30 years

The Background 

The Chrysler Six was a variety of cars produced by the legendary marque between 1924-1935, they got their namesake from the big six-cylinder engine that lay upfront. Whether you wanted a 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan or a 2-door coach Chrysler had you covered, offering a wide variety of cars under the Chrysler Six name.

The series 70 came along later in the production run and would be one step below the more expensive 80 Imperial series. The series 70 would come in all shapes and sizes but this Convertible version is getting harder and harder to find. Fitted with the excellent rumble seat and a locker for your golf clubs, this was the perfect car for the upper and emerging middle class of the 1920s.

4tQnGzbPNIFzTHqTAzMJF7aPJjB4eLfxGmvmiZET.jpeg 49.21 KB

The History 

The history of this Series 70 convertible is pretty hard to trace, as you can imagine with a car that is almost 100 years old pieces of the paperwork sometimes go array never to be found again. What we can say for certain is that this Series 70 came into the ownership of the current owner's father around 30 years ago, and since then he was able to turn this car into a show-stopping example of a rare car from a by-gone era.

The car comes with an extensive photo album that shows the amount of work that has gone into this car over a long restoration period. We can see that this car started in a rather drab green with a tan roof, but since this time it has gone through some paintwork and is now presented in a lovely two-tone paint job that matches its sister Series 62 sedan.

With the restoration period being done properly over a long period of time you can imagine that it hasn’t been seen on the roads of England for a very long time.

5hnlRozFEfIa0mGEvLsCYu0xHATydsNnx8i5drTB.jpeg 33.33 KB

The Paperwork 

There isn’t a huge amount of actual paperwork that is available with this car. Over the past 100 odd years, you can imagine that a few pieces of paperwork have been misplaced never to be seen again. There are however a couple of modern invoices that reference a few interior parts that have been restored/replaced over the current ownership.

However, what the new owner will receive is a comprehensive photo album full of photos of the restoration period. Some photos show the car in its original state before the process began, photos to show the teardown stage and even a few photos that show how the wooden frame was rebuilt by hand during the process. Sometimes it's these photos that provide a lot more depth and insight into the cars history than a stack of historic invoices ever could.

4CXJ1vgQkAZubtSZBcgE6NqjmlR7U8G5intLt9bR.jpeg 2.42 MB

The Interior

The interior of this Series 70 has been restored in such an artisan way that, although it is finished in modern materials, it still maintains its original character. The door cards for instance are finished in a combination of leather, wood, and carpet, its thanks to this that they look so resplendent today.

It’s this level of detail that you just don’t get in modern interiors, the leather door pull handle for instance has been made by hand over the course of a long time.

To begin with, you look at this convertible and think that it is just a 2-seat roadster with a big boot behind the driver. However, if you open the rear hatch you will find the addition of a second row of seats, these are known by many names, either rumble seats, dicky seats or our favourite the mother-in-law seat. Although these seats are hidden the majority of the time they have still been finished to the same high standard as the interior seats.

If we go back into the cabin we are confronted with a great dashboard with excellent gold and silver accents. The period-correct dials that are set into the dash are also stunning to look at. One interesting point to see on the interior is that the odometer is in kilometres, which may suggest that this car was intended for the Canadian market rather than the American one as the Canadians use kilometres.

All of the fixtures and fittings on the inside are in great condition and look excellent set against the different materials present within the interior.

One of the important parts of this car is of course the convertible fabric roof. It would seem that the original one has been replaced in favour of a nice new one. So, as you can expect the headliner is in great condition and the folding mechanism works flawlessly, which, once you get the hang of it, is pretty easy and quick to use.

Overall the interior of this Chrysler Series 70 is in great condition and the new owner will be picking up an excellent example of a proper classic interior.

3u3sqEURlCvBW65d2UBmhPbvWLlu10GqsBB6dwL1.jpeg 32 KB

The Exterior

If you look at the exterior of this car you are transported back to an era of the roaring twenties a time of the Great Gatsby, great excess and a huge period of prosperity after the first world war. The exterior appearance of this Series 70 encapsulates all of the good things about the 1920s.

Once finished in a rather drab green colour, this Chrysler is now presented in a rather fetching brown and white two-tone paint job with the certain leading lines of the car being adorned with a gold pinstripe. This paint scheme matches its sister car, a 1927 Series 62 Sedan and together they look stunning.

The other exterior features that stand out are the amazing running boards which are just quintessential to the look of a prewar car, and with this car having been restored these running boards are not rotten at all and will easily hold the weight of an adult without worrying.

The brilliant wooden spoked wheels are all in excellent condition with all four corners showing no signs of rot or wear. One iconic feature of many pre-war cars are the big two headlights that usually straddle a large chrome grille, all of these elements on the exterior of this car are in great condition and are super shiny.

One of the only points of note for the exterior of this Chrysler is that there is an exterior door handle missing from the passenger side. However, the door does open from the interior handle.

Overall the exterior of this Chrysler Series 70 is in excellent condition and could easily be displayed at the front of any car show. It looks excellent and harks back to a time past where cars were all works of art.


The Mechanics

Unlike the exterior and interior conditions, the mechanics are the only part of this car that will let it down. Currently, it is being sold as a non-runner. It may not run, but if you open the gull-wing bonnet you can see that engine is in good condition and has recently had a coat of paint during the restoration period.

The current owner does have a few spare parts from either this car or its sister Series 62 Sedan, they did make mention that the new owner could have a look through these parts to see if there was anything of use, but they have just moved facilities so locating some other extra parts may be a bit more difficult.

Although it doesn’t run you can see that the intention was there and if you pop your head underneath you can see that the underside of this car is in as good of a condition as the interior and exterior. So, the new owner should not be put off by the non-running status, it may not even need that much work to make it go.

Once this car is up and running it will be the pride of anyone’s garage, it could sit alongside any modern supercar and it would still garner more attention.

JdXlcU3dhrhbGXEPrqNZQ2PktlOhH2DE56YXOjbc.jpeg 50.92 KB

The Appeal 

This is possibly one of the best-looking convertibles on the market today, with all of the painstaking time and effort that has been put into the presentation of this car over the past three decades just goes to show how much this car meant to the restorer. It is thanks to their time and effort that the new owner will be able to pick up a perfect example of a classic car.

This Chrysler only requires the final 1% of work to finish her off, once she is complete it could be the best example of a Chrysler 70 anywhere in the world. These cars are highly sorted after and extremely rare these days. This may be your only opportunity to pick up an excellent example of a stunning pre-war automobile that will be as much of an investment opportunity as it is a classic car.

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Please see our FAQs here and our Terms & Conditions here

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Auction Details
  • Year 1928
  • Make Chrysler
  • Model Six Series 70 Convertible
  • Colour White and Brown
  • Mileage 934 Kilometres
  • Engine size 4100
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Heathrow
  • County London
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Auction ends
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30 Bids
  • precisi•••• £15,250 09/01/22
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  • 427_kms•••• £14,000 09/01/22
  • Leeds19•••• £13,500 09/01/22
  • 427_kms•••• £13,250 09/01/22
  • Leeds19•••• £13,000 09/01/22
  • ryan001•••• £12,750 09/01/22
  • Leeds19•••• £12,500 09/01/22

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