1963 Ford Anglia ‘Misfit’ Hot Rod

1963 Ford Anglia ‘Misfit’ Hot Rod



Multiple show-winner with supercharged BMW power


  • Beautifully crafted custom car
  • Multiple show winner
  • Magazine featured
  • UK winner – Hot Wheels Legends Tour
  • Hilarious fun to drive

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Quick Specs:

Year: 1963

Model: Ford Anglia 105E

Mileage: 1,000

Registration: LAH902A

VIN: D22C000137

Location: Wandsworth

The Appeal

What you’re witnessing here is the creation of history. A moment in time, but also a car built for the ages. The ‘Misfit’ hot rod has become famous and widely celebrated on the UK show scene and beyond, for the originality of its ideas as much as the impeccable finish of its construct. Why ‘Misfit’? Because that’s precisely what it is – a car built along the line of thinking that if building custom cars which deviate from the established formula is wrong, then why would you want to be right? For starters, then, it’s been based on the 105E Anglia rather than its more obvious sit-up-and-beg forebears. It’s running a supercharged four-cylinder BMW engine, which is a big no-no to the stuffy purists, as are the split-rim BBS wheels. The Misfit takes cues from traditional hot rod culture, but also elements from the contemporary stance and show scenes, to create a steampunk vision of modern modding.
This approach has proven to be extremely popular. See all the stickers in the windscreen? They’re just the awards it’s won in 2022, and this thing has been on the show scene for a number of years now; indeed, a full feature in Custom Car magazine in 2015 told the Anglia’s story from decrepit saloon to outrageous hot rod. More recently, it won the UK leg of the 2022 Hot Wheels Legends Tour (in which modified cars from around the world compete, with the winner being immortalised as a mass-produced Hot Wheels toy), earning itself a spot in the semi-finals. And the spec is formidable: with an M42 engine from a BMW 320is boosted by an Eaton M45 supercharger, power gets down to the ground via a BMW E30 transmission and a bespoke suspension and braking setup. Built to be a proper driver’s car, this offbeat Anglia really does drive as good as it looks – and it looks very special indeed.

The History and Paperwork

  • V5
  • 2022 – invoice for £1,130 for custom exhaust manifold
  • 2022 – invoice for £456 for new tyres
  • Some old MOTs

The Interior

  • One-off seats
  • One-off rollcage
  • One-off everything!

It’s a full custom creation in here, painstakingly built and beautifully finished. The one-off bomber bucket seats (with unique headrests) are lightweight and mounted low, with Willans 4-point harnesses on bespoke mount bars. There’s a custom rollcage behind – in fact, everything is custom, from the doorcards and pedals to the rear-view mirror and the gear shifter with its Ferrari 308 GTS gearknob. The pistol-grip handbrake has a pleasingly light operation, testament to how this car has been engineered to be usable; the screw-top unit on the passenger side dash is actually a cigar lighter, and the cabin features a bank of SoCal dials along with a boost gauge mounted outside on the nose. Every detail is exquisite: the Ford Capri steering column, the orange Perspex sun visor, the vintage polished fire extinguisher that’s been repurposed as a windscreen washer bottle… you can see why this is a multiple show winner. So much thought and care has gone into every individual aspect.

The Exterior

  • Full custom bodywork
  • Roof chop 
  • Unique split-windscreen

The familiar elements of the Anglia 105E body now sit atop a custom chassis, and the quality and quantity of fabrication work throughout is mightily impressive. The roof has been chopped, with custom windows cut and a unique split-screen front. A mini-bonnet has been fabricated, housing the radiator and incorporating original 105E design elements including the headlights. The rear end has 1959 Cadillac taillights and a cunning third brake light in the roof, and the boot is extremely clever – pulling the number plate bracket pops open the bootlid, inside which we find the relocated battery, fuel cell, jack and fire extinguisher. The split-rim BBS wheels were sourced from a Ferrari GT race car, and wear new vintage-style tyres with pinstripes.
The bodywork is simply fabulous throughout – imaginatively conceived and intelligently crafted, with a finish that is at once eye-catching, clever, tactile, usable, and built to last.

The Mechanicals

  • Supercharged BMW engine
  • BMW transmission
  • Custom suspension setup with Avo coilovers

Purists, avert your gaze – there’s a lot of BMW in here! The four-cylinder engine from the 320is has been mated to an Eaton M45 supercharger… and trust us, it makes some wonderful noises and is properly quick with real pin-you-in-your-seat acceleration. The BMW E30 theme continues through the drivetrain, the donor providing the gearbox and clutch, servo, differential, half-shafts, hubs and bearing carriers. The car runs Avo coilovers, with a De Dion 4-linked rear axle with Watt’s linkage. Brakes are BMW MINI rear and Ford Sierra front, with a modified Hillman Imp steering rack; the front stubs and kingpins are from a Ford Pop.
It's an ingenious mish-mash of parts that all coalesces into a sublime whole: the engine runs an Emerald K6 ECU, and it’s an eager and reliable thing: it starts easily on the first attempt and, while it needs the odd throttle blip when cold, idles smoothly once warmed up. Performance is vivid, the gearshift is slick, and the car rides surprisingly comfortably on its custom suspension setup. The brakes are strong and the steering precise. This is a car that’s been engineered as much for road trips as for winning show trophies, and it really is enormous fun to drive.


Well, you’re not going to find another one like this, are you? A unique and beguiling hot rod, this is a car that’s extremely well-known with a keen enthusiast following – a regular sight on the show scene and, yes, a regular winner too. But unlike many show cars that are thrown together for thrills before being dismantled and reinvented, this Anglia has been impeccably engineered to be solid, dependable and usable. We’ve seen this car evolve over the years, its creator painstakingly refining the details and hand-crafting them to perfection, all the while following his own unique and offbeat path. You won’t just be buying a hot rod here – you’ll be buying a piece of history. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2023
  • Make Ford
  • Model Anglia
  • Colour
  • Engine size 0
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Location London
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
6 bids from 4 bidders
  • pa•••• £25,250 22/12/22
  • Jo•••• £25,000 17/12/22
  • mi•••• £21,000 16/12/22
  • Jo•••• £20,000 16/12/22
  • mi•••• £15,000 15/12/22
  • ma•••• £11,000 15/12/22

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