1967 Maserati Ghibli Series 1 (LHD)


• Incredible, true ‘nut and bolt’ restoration
• Very early 1967 model
• Only 50km covered since restoration
• Number 82 of the 190 early 'first series’ cars
• Fitted with matching 5-speed ZF S5 -325 Gearbox

The Background

There are few cars as impressive, as exciting or as beautiful as the Maserati Ghibli. Launched in 1967, the Ghibli was penned by a young Giorgetto Giugiaro who was working for Ghia at the time. With free reign to let his pen run free, he came up with the long, low and impossibly sleek design you see here. Maserati ensured it had the bark to match the looks, fitting a 4.7-litre quad-cam V8 with over 300bhp on tap. 

The interior was awash with leather, chrome details and for the majority of cars, three pedals. It was a GT, but one for the driver, hence the use of a ZF five-speed manual transmission delivering power to rear wheels. A tour de force of design and engineering, the early Ghibli is regarded as Maserati’s finest hour by many. 

The Ghibli was depicted the epitome of class and luxury in its time and famous owners included some of the biggest names of the 60s and 70s, to name a few: Frank Sinatra, Henry Ford II, Sammy Davis, Jean Paul Belmondo & Peter Sellers. 

The one we have here for auction is perhaps the epitome of that, and thanks to a world class restoration it is even better than when it left the factory. Make no mistake, this is a truly unique opportunity.  

The History

Built in the November of 1967, this particular Ghibli is car number 82 of the desirable 190 first series examples. According to certification from Maserati, it was an automatic transmission car originally, which makes sense given the popularity of two pedals in the states. 

In 2014, the car was sold and shipped to Spain. From there, it was eventually sold to the current owner based in Poland. It’s with this owner that things took a truly spectacular turn. Aware of the car’s significance, it was afforded a world-class restoration. The term ‘nut and bolt’ is one used frequently in the classic car world, but in the case of this Ghibli, the statement is true. Nothing has been missed. Nothing. 

Yes the car is finished in its original and beautiful colour of Celeste Chiaro, however rather than keep everything absolutely standard, the current owner instead opted to build it to the specification it always should have been. The Borg Warner automatic has been removed, rebuilt and boxed, and has been replaced with a correct ZF five-speed manual transmission. 

This is, make no mistake, a staggeringly good restoration. Arguably, the car is better now than it was when new. Nothing has been missed, at all, and we can quite comfortable say that this vehicle represents not only impeccable style, but also hassle-free ownership knowing that everything has been done to the best of standards and of course, and a fantastic investment opportunity. It is after all, a piece of art! 

The car has been driven a mere 50km, on a private track, for running-in purposes. That’s it. In its current, reborn guise, it has yet to hit the road. That is a privilege that awaits the lucky winning bidder.  

Needless to say, this is a car that will preserve its original condition for many years to come and represents a fantastic investment prospect whilst also as a genuine Show & Go automobile.

The Paperwork

The paperwork included with this Maserati Ghibli includes official certification from Maserati stating the car’s original specification, where it was shipped to and who the original owner was. Further documentation includes a full gallery of images showing the car before restoration, as well as all stages during the restoration, including the individual works carried out on items such as the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension. 

Further documentation sourced from Maserati includes copies of the original delivery sheet, technical data sheet and factory order sheet. There is also a copy of the car’s U.S title. The car has been declared within the EU, and all duties have been paid. Currently unregistered, it is ready to be shipped and registered with its new, lucky owner. 

The Interior

We would encourage you to drink in the interior via the supplied pictures. As you can see, no detail has been missed and the result is a frankly exquisite cabin. It’s nothing short of perfection here, from the new Wilton carpets through to the seats that have been retrimmed in the correct Connolly leather. The dash has been retrimmed too, as has the roof lining, all in period correct fabric. 

This isn’t an exercise in simply buying new stuff though. The original Smiths dials are present, and all the vents, fixtures and fittings are original. Everything has been cleaned and repaired where needed. The seats, while retrimmed, are the original items. The bases have been repaired to ensure comfort and function for many years. The switchgear is all original, as is the steering wheel, which has been lovingly restored. 

In the back, the two squab ‘seats’ are present, as are swathes of new Wilton carpet lining the sides and boot floor. All expertly tailored with exceptional attention to detail. Slip into the cabin of this Ghibli and the only thing telling you it’s not in 1967 will be the smartphone in your pocket. Honestly, this is as good, if not better than when it was new. Astonishing, frankly.  

The Exterior

As part of the extensive restoration, the body was stripped of everything before being chemical dipped to remove any corrosion and to expose any potential issues. Happily, as can be seen from the included pictures, the shell was in remarkably good condition. Thanks in no small part to the dry Californian climate, no doubt. Of course, with some years behind it, there were some repairs needed. 

Completed to exacting standards, any imperfections have been removed, there is no filler - the restorers ‘leaded’ the body, as per tradition. Once the body was arrow straight, it was measured and signed off as being true. Then, active primers were applied, as well as PPG epoxy coats and wax protectant. 

The paint is the original hue of Celeste Chiaro, supplied by PPG. The paint is nothing short of phenomenal, and is the result of many, many hours in the paint booth. Expert painters ensured the body was perfect before paint. After the colour was applied and cleared, it was polished to a high gloss. It’s truly an incredible job.

All the chrome is new, as are the rubber gaskets for windows and doors. The lights have been restored, and are in excellent condition. The glass is free of any marks, chips or scratches. Finally, the magnesium wheels have been refurbished to the same high standard as the resto the car. Again, we would encourage you to closely examine the high-resolution images included. If a picture speaks a thousand words, there is a veritable encyclopedia at your disposal here. 

The Mechanics

As you have probably guessed by this point, the mechanical side of this restoration is just as breathtaking as the parts you can see. Everything, and we do mean everything, has been stripped down to its component parts. Where needed, parts have been replaced for new. Lines, fixings, new pistons and rings, new bearings throughout, new timing chains and tensioners, new valves, seats, springs and guides. The engine has been fully cleaned, inspected, checked and painted.

The fuel system has been completely overhauled, including the four four DCNL Weber carbs, there’s a new fuel pump, the fuel tank has been cleaned and coated and the lines are all new. The cooling system is all fresh, with new valves, thermostat, re-cored radiator and overhauled water pump. 

The ignition system has been overhauled with new leads, electrical ignition, all the electrical motors have been overhauled and a completely new harness/loom has been fitted. 

Then we have the suspension and brakes. Much of the original hardware has been retained, but not before being stripped, cleaned and coated. New bushes, new bolts, links, ball joints, fixings and new pads and discs have been fitted. There are new springs and new Koni shock absorbers fitted, the steering has been overhauled, the brake system has been overhauled. It’s exhaustive. Again, look at the pictures to truly understand the depth of this restoration. 

The Appeal 

There quite simply isn’t another Maserati Ghibli on the market that is this good. This is a world class restoration, one that puts this car far, far above any other. Not a single nut or bolt has been left unturned, and not a single moment has been considered when it comes to cost. Everything has been done, from bumper to bumper. 

The result is a car that is, in essence, brand new. Better than brand new, probably. This car is ready for Pebble Beach, it’s ready for any event you wish to take it to. A beautiful car, restored in fashion that would leave many of the best cars in the world wanting. Make no mistake, this is not an opportunity that will present itself again. Whoever buys this will never, ever let it go because, frankly, there is no other like this. 

Notice to bidders

Although every care is taken to ensure this listing is as factual and transparent as possible, all details within the listing are subject to the information provided to us by the seller. Car & Classic does not take responsibility for any information missing from the listing. Please ensure you are satisfied with the vehicle description and all information provided before placing a bid.

As is normal for most auctions, this vehicle is sold as seen, and therefore the Sale of Goods Act 1979 does not apply. All bids are legally binding once placed. Any winning bidder who withdraws from a sale, is subject to our bidders fee charge. Please see our FAQs and T&C's for further information. Viewings of vehicles are encouraged, but entirely at the seller's discretion.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1967
  • Make Maserati
  • Model Ghibli
  • Colour Celeste Chiaro
  • Odometer 47,716 Miles
  • Engine size 4719
  • Location International
  • Country Poland
Bidding history
53 bids
  • lr•••• €258,000 04/11/21
  • pe•••• €257,000 04/11/21
  • lr•••• €256,050 04/11/21
  • Ph•••• €255,550 04/11/21
  • at•••• €255,000 04/11/21
  • Ph•••• €253,550 04/11/21
  • lr•••• €253,000 04/11/21
  • pe•••• €251,000 04/11/21
  • lr•••• €250,000 04/11/21
  • Ph•••• €245,000 04/11/21

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