1969 Porsche 911 2.2T Targa LHD

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  • 1969 Porsche 911 2.2T Targa lhd
  • Professionally repainted in its original Conda Green
  • Original seats and dashboard in very good condition
  • Overhauled mechanics
  • A solid and largely original 911T Targa in a rare and attractive colour scheme


It is enough to pronounce the name Porsche to mentally draw the unmistakable silhouette of a 911.

Since its introduction in 1963, the Porsche 911 has continuously evolved through 8 generations and multiple variations, establishing itself as one of greatest protagonists in the history of the automobile.

The first generations of the 911, with their captivating air-cooled six-cylinder boxer rear engines, are today some of the most sought-after vehicles by collectors worldwide.

In the long and complex history of the 911, the 1969-1979 decade represents a critical
turning point, with the introduction of significant innovations and models destined to remain in the hearts of enthusiasts.

In 1969 the 911 received a crititcal modification, with a new lengthened wheelbase to improve road holding and, with the C series, a new 2.2-litre engine was introduced with various power levels.
The “T” was the entry-level 911 and came with a flat six-cylinder carbureted engine generating 130 hp, sent to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission.
The performance was more than respectable for the era as, even though the engineering is solid, a 911 Targa only weighs around one ton. Therein lies the secret of the car’s success, as lightness and clever engineering allows it to maximize performance. 

Recently repainted in its spectacular and rare original Conda Green, this Targa has been preserved with great care and features an original interior in very good condition.

The mechanics have been overhauled and the engine tuned up.
As a 911C model, this 911 is equipped with the more powerful 2.2-litre engine.

Due to a planned transfer abroad which no longer took place, the car was deregistered for export.
Supplied with the necessary documentation, it will have to be re-registered in Italy or in the Country chosen by the buyer.

With ever-increasing prices, vintage Porsche 911s are always coveted by enthusiasts and collectors.
The long hood models produced between 1964 and 1973 in particular, with their pure and unmistakable shapes and pleasantly retro interiors, are among the most sought-after, as are those with the brightest and rarest colours.

This specimen, with its beautiful bodywork recently repainted in the correct factory Conda Green, with an original and preserved interior and with solid and efficient mechanics, represents an interesting opportunity for the enthusiast looking for a special vehicle of great relevance.


  • Deregistered for export
  • Italian documents
  • Original manuals

This car was deregistered for export in anticipation of a relocation abroad which never took place.

For this reason, it has not been MOTd in recent years, but has been maintained and checked periodically to ensure its efficiency.

Supplied with the necessary documentation, it will have to be re-registered in Italy or in the Country chosen by the buyer.

It is accompanied by original use and maintenance manuals.


  • Original interior in very good condition
  • Flawless seats and door cards
  • Spotless dashboard
  • Clear gauges
  • Targa top
  • Well integrated modern stereo system

The unrestored original cabin is in great shape, with the black seats presenting very well along with the door cards and carpets.

The dashboard is shiny and intact and doesn't present any scratches or visible defects.

The iconic instrument cluster is clean and undamaged, with large, perfectly legible and efficient circular gauges.

The modern stereo system is discreetly integrated into the general design without spoiling the overall view.

Evocative, intimate and impressive, the cockpit is full of references to the glorious sporting history of Porsche, with the ignition key on the left, the long and slanted gear lever perfectly within reach and the large circular gauges, with the rev counter in central position like on racing cars.

At the wheel, the extremely serious, professional and rigorous setting of the all-black passenger compartment projects us into an exciting atmosphere and encourages spirited driving, to enjoy the balance and verve of this legendary chassis and the unique and unrepeatable sound of the lively air-cooled six-cylinder boxer, even more engaging when, with the renowned Targa top removed, we can enjoy open- air driving.


  • In very good condition overall
  • Professionally repainted in the original Conda Green 
  • Targa top
  • Bumpers, brightwork and badges in very good condition
  • Original Fuchs wheels

Professionally repainted in the original brilliant Conda Green, this Porsche is extremely attractive and very impressive.
The bodywork panels are arrow-straight, without any visible defects.

The original Fuchs anodized rims are in very good condition, as is the distinctive Targa top.

The clean and essential lines of the first generations of 911, which make up one of the most recognizable silhouettes ever, are enhanced by the bright and lively hue of the bodywork, by the brightwork in very good condition and by the polished roll-bar.

Headlights, lettering and emblems are flawless and the rear bumpers, complete with the original overriders, appear free from any defects.


  • 2,2 liter flat-six air-cooled 2,195cc 130HP engine
  • Five-speed manual gearbox
  • Four disc brakes
  • Extensive maintenance in 2023
  • Efficient and reliable

The engine bay looks very clean and it’s great to see the factory stickers weren’t lost in the repaint.
The numbers-matching 2.2-liter 130hp flat-six engine has been recently overhauled and the seller assures it is extremely solid and in very good condition.

This 911 has been carefully and competently maintained and extensively serviced before being offered for sale.

The owner ensures that the car is ready to drive and does not need any mechanical work.


Resulting from such a brilliant and revolutionary project that it is still among the most admired and desired sports cars today, since its origins the Porsche 911 has stood out for its ability to obtain impressive performance with relatively compact and low-power engines.

The ability of its designers to maximize every aspect of the car's design making it extremely light, solid and balanced have contributed to the incredible longevity of a model that has largely exceeded half a century of life.

The deep respect and love that all enthusiasts have for the 911 is reflected in an extremely active market for classic models that are always in high demand.

The huge availability of spare parts and an extremely active and engaging community of owners and fans make it an ideal purchase for those who want to enjoy a car with breathtaking lines and exciting performance that is at the same time fairly easy and straightforward to manage.

This example in very good overall condition, presented in a particularly desirable and attractive colour, with a clean bodywork and an original interior in striking condition, will grant great satisfaction to its next owner and represent a sensible long-term investment.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1969
  • Make Porsche
  • Model 911
  • Colour Conda Green
  • Odometer 110,000 Kilometres
  • Engine size 2200
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Town Lecce
  • Country Italy
Bidding history
260 bids
  • michel•••• €54,000 23/09/23
  • carlos-•••• €53,500 23/09/23
  • michel•••• €53,000 23/09/23
  • carlos-•••• €52,500 23/09/23
  • michel•••• €52,000 23/09/23
  • carlos-•••• €51,500 23/09/23
  • michel•••• €51,000 22/09/23
  • mario-m•••• €50,500 21/09/23
  • michel•••• €50,000 21/09/23
  • mario-m•••• €49,750 21/09/23

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