RESERVE LOWERED - 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Z28


• Original Z28 model, not a clone
• Upgraded V8 engine 
• Show quality restoration 
• Only 800 miles post-restoration

The Background

With Ford dominating the pony car market with the Mustang, rivals needed to build something to try and win customers. Many tried, and many were decent, but none were quite as successful as the mighty Chevrolet Camaro. The first generation, launched in 1967 was a hit, and one that Chevrolet had to follow up with care. 

That brings us to the stunning car you’re looking at here. This is a second-generation model, and for many, this is the Camaro to have. The second-gen was a true high point for the Camaro, a glowing example of just how good Chevrolet could get it. This car, a 1973 model, is not just any old Camaro though. No, this one is the coveted Z28 model. The hot one. The GTi, if you will. 

The History

This car was recently plucked from Pennsylvania and brought to the workshops of Marc Lamude, of Lamude Racing Engines. An original, factory Z28, it had already been ‘breathed on’ with all manner of performance parts. However, the white paint was doing nothing for it, and it needed some fettling to dial everything in. That’s what Lemude did, and he also returned it to the factory orange hue with contrasting black stripes.

In the process, he created what has to be one of the finest second-gen Camaros currently available on UK soil. 

The Paperwork

There isn’t a mass of paperwork with the Z28, but what is there is significant. We have a V5 in the most recent owner’s name (the car is currently within the trade). There are import documents from when the car was brought over to the UK, there is a copy of the car’s previous title in the U.S.A (V5 equivalent) and there are some invoices for parts and finishers (badges etc) that Lamude ordered to finish the car. There isn’t a current MOT, as the car is exempt. 

To clarify, this car had been modified while in the States, hence the lack of paperwork. However, Marc Lamude has completely restored the car from top to bottom. If you’re familiar with cars of this ilk, you’ll know of Mark’s work and of the quality involved. 

The Interior 

The second-generation Camaro boasted a much more pleasant interior than the early cars, and this 1973 represents that well. Black vinyl throughout with matching black dash and headliner, it is in show ready condition. The two front bucket seats are in exceptional condition with no wear to note. The rears look like they have never been sat in. 

The carpets are all excellent throughout, too. Underneath, you’ll find the entire cabin has been treated to a coating of Dynamat soundproofing (same goes for the trunk). The reality is that this interior is most likely a replacement over what was there when it left the factory, but it’s all to the correct specification. 

Sitting in the driver’s seat, you’re faced by a dash of plenty. The original gauges are long gone, and have instead been replaced with Dolphin gauges with digital and mechanical readouts. The dash itself is perfect, with no warping or splitting. In the centre of the dash you’ll find a retro style Bluetooth stereo head unit. 

The steering wheel is original specification, and is in excellent order. Down to your right, you have the white Hurst shifter for the four-speed manual transmission. Finally, there is a four-point roll bar fitted, but this bolts in and as such, can be removed should you wish. 

The Exterior 

Just look at it. Seriously, pore over the pictures and like us, you’ll soon fall in love with the aesthetic at play here. Marc bought this car because it was a solid, straight machine. Look underneath and you’ll see that this car has had no patchwork, there’s no serious corrosion, nor any damage. It has been cared for. When it arrived in the UK, it was white. 

However, look at the VIN and you’ll see 75-75 as the colour code, which is Medium Orange Metallic. Marc has brought this back to the body of the Camaro, and the job done is stunning. The metallic orange pops and sparkles in the sun, and suits the curves of the car perfectly. Furthermore, the black stripes have been reinstated, giving this car some more visual appeal. Stripes, after all, make it faster. 

The chrome is all excellent. The front wide bumper has gone, and now there are more attractive quarter bumpers fitted instead. The lights are all excellent, as is the glass and all the associated trim. Again, this car truly is show quality. Looking down the flanks of the car, there is not a ripple or imperfection to be seen, thanks in no small part to the fact this car has only covered 800 miles since the restoration. 

The wheels are 16-inch minilite style alloys from Vintage Wheels, and they have been painted in graphite grey metallic. Each wheel is wrapped in 245/50 R16 BFG rubber. While we’re low down, a look under the car reveals a vista as pleasing as the topside. There is plenty of rust protection, lots of clean surfaces, no significant corrosion nor, as mentioned, any sign of past repair. It’s exquisite no matter where you look. 

The Mechanics

Where to start? There’s so much good stuff going on here! The engine, while not the original, is a fresh 350cui and boasts Edelbrock aluminium heads, roller rockers, Comp Camps uprated cam, there’s an Edelbrock intake manifold, the carb is new, it has a pair of steel four-branch headers, runs at 10:1 compression and sounds incredibly strong. 

This is not a car for the shy and retiring types. The large bore exhaust with x-pipe and Flowmaster silencers is anything but silent - it’s a V8, and it constantly reminds you! It revs fast and clean, it’s a snappy engine, not a lazy unit. There’s a massive aluminium radiator to keep things cool, too. 

The transmission is a Muncie four-speed M20 which has been rebuilt. The rear end is a 12-bolt with limited-slip and 355 gears. The car has disc brakes all round (C4 out back with Wilwood calipers up front), there’s a heavy duty rear anti-roll bar, upgraded coilover front suspension (Edelbrock) and new suspension out back, Global West subframe connectors have been fitted, there are adjustable upper A arms, solid bushings and also an uprated, thicker front anti-roll bar. 

That’s a lot of spec, and what it means is that this big bruiser can handle the twists and turns of British roads with a refreshing keenness. It’s not a straight line car, this is a beastly grand tourer. Everything has been serviced or refreshed, and as such, the car feels tight, direct and rather new. The power steering, the brakes, the suspension - it’s all fresh. You’re bidding on what is effectively a new car here. 

The Appeal 

Some American cars just don’t work over here. Too big, too cumbersome, too ungainly. This Camaro is not one of them. It’s no bigger than a large SUV in terms of footprint, and so you can jump in and enjoy it, safe in the knowledge that despite its super sized origins, it still ‘fits’ here. And it works, too. The upgrades to the chassis, suspension and brakes mean you can take this bright orange bruiser for a blast along your favourite A roads and enjoy every minute of it. 

If you’re looking for a muscle car, but one that truly will be a joy to own and drive, this is it. It’s a feast for the eyes, and it’s a full-on assault on the senses to drive. That V8 noise should be classed as an addictive substance, frankly. Your ears will hear it once, and then they’ll want it all the time. It’s loud, it’s bright and it’s just… fun. 

But more importantly, it has been expertly restored with no component left ignored. It’s a glowing (literally) example of just how good a muscle car can be, and you truly do need it in your life. Go on, chuck a bid in, you won’t regret it. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1973
  • Make Chevrolet
  • Model Camaro Z28
  • Colour Orange
  • Odometer 800 Miles
  • Engine size 5700
  • Town Reading
  • Location Berkshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
29 bids
  • Pe•••• £44,500 16/12/21
  • du•••• £44,250 16/12/21
  • Pe•••• £44,000 16/12/21
  • du•••• £43,500 16/12/21
  • Pe•••• £43,250 16/12/21
  • du•••• £43,000 16/12/21
  • Pe•••• £42,000 16/12/21
  • hu•••• £41,250 14/12/21
  • pe•••• £40,500 14/12/21
  • is•••• £40,000 13/12/21

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