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1973 Fiat 500L


• Recently restored
• Tax, MOT and ULEZ exempt
• Entirely new braking system
• Low mileage

The Background 

Released as a simple answer to the need to get Italy moving again the Fiat 500 was released in 1957 and would be produced until 1975, which is an eternity for a single generation of car. Sitting at only 9 feet and 9 inches long it was the perfect little package to nip around the small streets of Italy and would be one of the first purpose-designed city cars.

With production running for 18 years, Fiat was able to produce nearly 4 million examples of what is now a cult classic. The 500 was so well-loved that Fiat would re-introduce the name in 2007 and it was once again a big success.

WuWNnC59q3gFzFKNFaRFglXkMnOx5CDkjYu64ZEJ.jpeg 1.2 MB

The History 

The current owner has had this little Fiat since 2013 and in that time they have been through a bumper to bumper restoration period to bring it up to the brilliant condition that we now see in front of us. We can't say too much about the previous owners or its story that much as there wasn’t any historic paperwork that came with the car upon purchase in 2013.

When the current owner acquired the car in 2013 it was more a box of parts than it was a fully restored classic car, the car arrived finished in black. They have been able to go through this car properly over their ownership replacing important items like the entire brake system (including pipes and cylinders), from the windscreen forward most of the metalwork has been replaced to help rectify any issues that were present due to rust, the sills have also been replaced too.

BkMIkr3oMsfgr5RyzVNHpZ9JAcApEdPudmBONTXo.jpeg 880.95 KB

The Paperwork 

As has been touched on previously there isn’t a big bundle of historic paperwork that will come with the car, but there is some modern paperwork that details some of the work done to this brilliant little car.

Throughout the re-build, genuine parts have been sourced through a Fiat parts specialist based in Surrey, the car has also undergone a re-spray to this stunning red.

The new owner can sit down and have a look through the small bundle of paperwork at their leisure, they will be able to have a look and understand how much love and attention has been put into the re-build of this pretty little car.

8MxmddKTdfj1aWwjY7UjKznYdURaEoCwJIcYXMtq.jpeg 1.49 MB

The Interior

With this being an ‘L’ or ‘Lusso’ model it means that the interior is trimmed in richer materials than a normal Fiat 500. To start with the dash is now an anti-glare plastic instead of bare or painted metal, the instrument binnacle is now a trapezoid shape providing a retro look. To match the black dash the two-spoked steering wheel is also finished in black. The door cards are covered in a pleated material which is the same as the front seats and the floor is covered in carpet instead of rubber mats.

All of these extra features from the factory are today in great condition, the seats are in excellent condition with no rips or tears on the material. The steering wheel doesn’t show any heaving marking as you might expect from a car of this age. One brilliant feature that is still left is the original carpet on the floor, a nice little touch that shows how well the car has been looked after over its lifetime.

The Fiat 500 may only be 9 feet long but the interior of a 500 feels anything but small, with the ingenious design and layout of the drivetrain it means that there is ample space for you and all of your passengers.

An item within the interior that changes the whole dynamic is the sunroof. Once you fold the fabric top back you open the car up to the world and once you let all of the light into the cabin it feels like an entirely new experience. The bonus is that this fabric top is not only new but also appears to be leak-free

Overall, thanks to the restoration period that this Fiat 500L has been through, the interior of the car is in excellent condition and the new owner will be inheriting an amazing classic car that will be at the heart of many happy and new memories.

Sbvzmqq3K4b9iJqascJZjGYO7jvKETJ0jXhyvtoM.jpeg 1.21 MB

The Exterior 

Like the interior, the exterior also got a few new and fancier bits as part of the Lusso specification. These special features include tubular guards to protect both the front and rear bumpers, a new fiat badge, redesigned hubcaps, and brightwork around the roof drains, windscreen and rear window. All of these features look resplendent after the restoration period.

Beautiful Italian design, twinned with a cult following has made the exterior of a Fiat 500 is instantly recognisable as one of the best-looking classic cars on the market. Owing to the recent restoration of this specific 500 the exterior is in wonderful condition, all of the lights, chrome bumpers, wheels and handles are all present and correct.

All four corners have brand new and matching tyres fitted (even the spare has a new tyre on it) meaning that the new owner can drive away worry-free that they may have to deal with a new tyre anytime soon.

From the windscreen forwards most of the exterior panels are new, they have been replaced to deal with any rust that may have been present at the time of the restoration. Its thanks to this attention to detail that this 500 now sits in wonderful condition. It's not only the front portion that has been treated to deal with any rust but the sills have also been fixed so that there will be no issues with rust for the new owner.

As you would imagine from a car that has just finished a restoration period, the exterior overall is in great condition and will turn several heads wherever you may want to take this 500 whether it be the supermarket or classic car show.

KIbVGnk4Yqpga9FZrJ1wZ00InVI6AX5ajKpS7RYh.jpeg 2 MB

The Mechanics 

As we have been able to see with the interior and exterior conditions this Fiat 500 has been through a thorough rebuild the mechanical aspects have not escaped a once over.

When the current owner picked the car up, the engine was not in one piece. Over a long period, they have gone through the parts and pieced back together the 500cc engine that gave the car its name. It’s thanks to this rebuild that the car now runs like new, it starts first time on the key and runs silky smooth. The gearbox is also smooth with no crunching into any gears whatsoever. The smooth engine coupled with a well-serviced gearbox means that this is a beautiful car to drive.

To go with the rebuilt engine the braking system has also received a bit of love too. Everything from new brake shoes, cylinders and even new brake pipes, so it now stops as well as it goes. All you have to do is have a look underneath and you will see that even the underside of this Fiat 500 is in immaculate condition.

There is no work for the new owner to do mechanically with this 500, it is as simple as getting in and driving away. The current owner has done an excellent job putting this car back together mechanically and the new owner will benefit from all of this tireless work that has been put into this 500 to get it up to the excellent condition that it sits in today.

AmAV2xB94n6PEOKuCOILejIPf42zY2meNDsySxBP.jpeg 2.39 MB

The Appeal 

The Fiat 500 harks back to a period where car design was as important as the way it drove, with thanks to the simplistic lines it is a truly timeless design. Since its launch in 1957, the Fiat 500 has been able to achieve a cult status that other cars can only dream off.

This 500 has been through an excellent and methodical re-build that now means it could be one of the best on the market today. With all of the mechanical elements, body parts and interior features having a once over it is sure to provide the new owner many years of happy motoring in a beautiful classic car. 

Over the past few years, the classic Fiat 500’s have experienced a period of astronomical appreciation and they show no signs of stopping. This Fiat 500 will be as much of an investment opportunity as it will be a brilliant classic car.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1973
  • Make Fiat
  • Model 500L
  • Colour Red
  • Odometer 49,956 Miles
  • Engine size 499
  • Town Hayes
  • Location London
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
3 bids from 2 bidders
  • Ed Bain•••• £7,000 20/01/22
  • H S I £6,695 20/01/22
  • Ed Bain•••• £6,500 19/01/22

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