1974 Southern Roadcraft SRV12 (Ferrari Daytona Sypder Replica)


  • Fantastic looking Daytona evocation 
  • Superb 5,343cc Jaguar V12 engine 
  • Ready to drive and enjoy 

The Appeal

The Southern Roadcraft SRV12 offers a fantastic alternative for those who admire the  classic lines and spirit of the Ferrari 365 Daytona and want a fantastic driving experience  without the price tag. It's striking how much the SRV12 looks like the Daytona, from its  elongated front end to that distinctive back end. Finished in red, the car emanates cool that  clearly draws inspiration from its Italian counterpart.  

When it comes to driving the SRV12, there's a unique pleasure to be found. Starting the 5,343cc Jaguar V12 engine, you're greeted with a satisfying roar. The car moves with a 
blend of power and refinement, giving you a driving experience that is both engaging and  comfortable and far above that of many other kit cars. The custom chassis offers good  handling for a vehicle of this size, making it more than capable on twisty roads as well as  straight stretches. And while the SRV12 may not be the real Daytona, it commands its own  form of attention. 

The mileage is low, which bodes well for its mechanical condition and it’s clearly been kept  indoors. All these factors contribute to the SRV12 being not just a car to admire in your  garage, but one to actually drive and enjoy. It offers a balanced blend of aesthetic appeal  and real-world usability, making it a noteworthy option for anyone interested in classic car  ownership with aloof the style of a Daytona. 

The History and Paperwork 

  • Registered as a historic vehicle, MOT and tax exempt 
  • Recent low mileage verified by previous MOT records 
  • V5 present and correct 
  • MOT exemption declaration  
  • Selection of invoices for servicing and repairs over the last few years 

The Interior 

  • Black leather interior 
  • Moto-Lita wood and chrome steering wheel 
  • Aluminium-fronted instrument cluster 
  • Custom made, based on the Daytona 
  • Some switches are aesthetic only 
  • Gated gear shift adds to the authentic experience  

Interior shows signs of wear with room for improvement, but still provides a great driving  experience
When you step inside the Southern Roadcraft SRV12, it's like entering a time capsule that  takes you back to the golden age of grand touring. The black and red leather seats offer a  superb level of comfort and plenty of support for more spirited driving.

 There's something  incredibly satisfying about the tactile feedback of the classic switches and knobs; they click  and turn with a mechanical sureness that's missing from more modern, touchscreen-centric  interiors. Whilst many are purely aesthetic to recreate the look of the Daytona it's still very  much an interface that rewards a driver's touch, adding an additional layer of connection  between you and the car. 

Driving the SRV12 is not just about getting from point A to point B; it's an intimate  experience that engages all your senses. With the top down and the sound of the big Jaguar  V12 in your ears it doesn’t matter what the SRV12 was designed to look like, it’s a superb  car in its own right. The SRV12 offers a fine blend of comfort, elegance, and driving  pleasure, making each trip not just a means to an end, but an end in itself. 

The Exterior

  • Looks fantastic in red 
  • A fantastic looking Daytona replica that attracts attention wherever it goes 
  • Fibreglass bodywork in good condition 
  • 4-inch light scratch on the front of the bonnet 
  • Quad exhausts for the full Daytona look 
  • All of the wheels are in good condition 
  • Brightwork, trim, lights, and Ferrari badges all in good condition 
  • Black soft-top included with fitted cover 
  • Few minor paint chips 

The SRV12 is a superb evocation of the Ferrari 365 Daytona, capturing many of its iconic  design elements. The attention to detail is evident, complete with correct Ferrari badging.  The lines and curves of the car resemble the classic Italian sports car closely, leaving a  lasting impression. 

The alloy wheels are in excellent condition, adding to the overall quality of the vehicle.The  car's overall exterior condition, from the paint to the wheels and the trim, indicates that this is  a well-cared-for vehicle. It doesn't just look like a classic; it has been maintained like one,  too.

The SRV12 is visually striking while still offering an authentic nod to its inspiration, the  Ferrari 365 Daytona. It stands as a testament to a period of car design that prized both style  and emotion, all while being well-maintained and ready for the road.

The Mechanics

  • Superb 5,343cc Jaguar V12 engine 
  • The owner informs us that the car benefits from having the key turned twice when starting after a long period of not being used to get the fuel pressure up before starting 
  • The custom Southern Roadcraft chassis presents well  
  • Sounds fantastic 
  • The owner informs us that the car has had a new fuel pump, fuel lines, filters and brake  master cylinder 
  • Engine bay appears presents well  
  • Underside in good condition, demonstrating that the car has been well cared for  
  • The owner informs us that the car drives very well 

Mechanically, the car is in fair condition with a potent 5,343cc Jaguar V12 engine that  breathes life into the driving experience. It's worth noting that the owner informs us that  several new parts have been fitted recently, such as a fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filters, and a  new brake master cylinder. The engine bay and underside appear in good general condition,  promising a driving experience that lives up to the visual feast the car provides. 


The 1974 Southern Roadcraft SRV12 is a compelling tribute to a classic, the Ferrari 365  Daytona, but stands as a beautiful car in its own right. With a fantastic Jaguar V12 engine,  this car is not just for show; it's a driver's dream. With the recent  work carried out by the current owner, this SRV12 offers both excitement and peace of mind  for the next lucky owner. 

With every roar of the engine and more style than almost anything  else on the road, this superb car ensures a driving experience unlike any other.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1974
  • Make Southern Roadcraft
  • Model SRV12
  • Colour Red
  • Odometer 24,472 Miles
  • Engine size 5343
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Tiverton
  • Location Devon
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
3 bids
  • georg-e•••• £15,500 22/09/23
  • jacob-k•••• £15,000 22/09/23
  • darren-•••• £12,000 22/09/23

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