1975 Porsche 914/4


• Comes with bespoke-made luggage
• Show standard condition throughout
• Upgraded suspension and brakes 

The History 

The Porsche 914 entered the world under rocky circumstances. Initially, it was a joint project between Porsche and Volkswagen. This was due to Porsche having a verbal agreement with Volkswagen to undertake all its development work. The 914 was the final car within the remit of that agreement. It worked well for both brands. 

Porsche needed something to replace the 912, while Volkswagen needed a new sporty offering. Sadly though, the passing of Volkswagen’s chairman, Heinrich Nordhoff, put the agreement into disarray. New bosses didn’t want to share it, and while Porsche still had the car after the dust settled, it was then a much more expensive model as it wasn’t being shared. 

Happily though, while the birth of the car was rough, the car itself was excellent. A little, two-seat targa with a mid/rear mounted flat-four or flat-six engine, exciting looks and impressive fit and finish. It would go on to be Porsche’s best-selling car during its production run. 

Today, it’s a sought after classic, especially when they’re in the sort of condition as the car you’re looking at here. Originally a California car, this 914/4 was shipped to the UK in 2018. In 2020, it was restored to a show-stopping standard. Rebuilt from the ground up, this has to be one of the finest 914/4s out there. 

The Paperwork

There is a V5 (two actually, as there is a Welsh language one, too) ready for your details to be written into it. 

There is a current MOT, passed with no advisories and valid until August of 2022, and there is a U.S Title document from the car’s past, confirming its stateside origins and of course, a certificate of conformity from Porsche itself, detailing the original specification of the car. 

The Interior

There’s a beauty to the simplicity at play here. The cabin of the 914 is a no frill, no fuss space, and in a world of imposing touch screens and electric everything, that’s somewhat refreshing. The seats, in their original shade of black, have been retrimmed in original specification leatherette, the original door cards are present and correct, too. There is some slight wear around the window winders, but it adds to the charm. 

The carpets are all new, so there is no wear at all. The lining on the targa top is bespoke and new, also. The dash is in excellent condition, with no warping or cracks, and all the original dials are in place and fully functional. The original steering wheel remains, as does the original shifter. There is a modern stereo head unit fitted. 

Given the mid-engine layout offered by the 914, the car actually has two luggage compartments; one front, one back. Open these and not only will you be greeted by swathes of fresh paint, clean surfaces and excellent condition carpet, you’ll also see matching bespoke ‘914’ luggage that was expertly made for this car. No other 914 can boast such a personal, stylish addition. 

The Exterior

When it rolled off the assembly line in 1975, this 914 was painted Light Ivory. That’s fine on a kitchen appliance, but on a Porsche? It was decided that it needed to be a much brighter hue, and so the decision was made to paint it Delphi Green metallic. No hint of the ivory paint remains, as the car was completely stripped down. 

There is a rich gloss across the car, the chrome is polished to a high shine and, well, it’s just stunning. We have been informed by the seller that there is some micro-blistering in places - bonnet, top of the doors - that has emerged since paint. 

Structurally, the dry environment provided by its early life means this 914 is rock solid. The only repair that has been carried out, other than the requisite preparation for paint, is the renewing of the battery tray. But that’s it. 

The car sits on a set of Fuchs alloy wheels, on new Michelin rubber, naturally. The chrome bumpers are in outstanding condition, as are all the lights, the trims and handles and so on. The roof and B pillars have been restored too, with new paint and vinyl. Pore over the pictures and you’ll see just how well this car has been restored. 

The Mechanics

The little 2.0 flat-four engine enjoyed some use while the car was Stateside, and as such, needed a bit of love by the time it made it back to the UK. It was plucked from the car and has been fully rebuilt, in essence taking it back to being as new. It was also given a deep clean, further adding to the show appeal of this car. 

The engine starts at the first turn on the key, and offers a deep growl as you build the revs. There are no grumbles or untoward noises, and there is no smoke. The engine is strong. It’s full of new fluids, fitted with new filters, everything has been inspected and replaced where needed. It’s one of the best you’ll find. 

Oil pressure is good, it maintains temperature and the volts course through as they should. Frustratingly, the 914 has developed a small oil leak since being put back together, but not to such an extent that the car can't be used and enjoyed. 

As for the four-speed manual transmission, this again was removed, inspected, overhauled and cleaned before being refitted. There is, naturally, a new clutch, too. The dog-leg nature of the transmission takes some getting used to, but the changes are sharp and direct. There’s no play. The seller does inform us, however, that there is a slight fluid leak from the transmission that will need investigation.

Brakes, suspension, lines and so have all been replaced, too. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the car on a ramp, but rest assured it’s just as good underneath as it is up top. Nothing has been missed in the pursuit of Porsche perfection. In fact, this 914 is better than it ever was thanks to bigger front brakes, front struts from a 911 and Bilstein dampers all round.

The Appeal

The 914 is one of those forgotten greats, but it’s not because the car is worth forgetting. There’s no such thing as a bad Porsche, but when you’re going up against the 911, it’s easy to fall by the wayside. Now though, the market is keen to get involved with the charming 914 and as such, this one will be sure to create a bidding frenzy. 

As a car, it’s worth having anyway. But this is more than that thanks to the exquisite and no expense spared restoration it has been subject to. Nothing has been missed. This has to be one of the best 914/4s out there, truly. Since being restored, it has covered minimal mileage. 

It's annoying that there are some teething issues to sort (the oil leak etc) but that's par for the course of a full restoration. And these small issues shouldn't dampen your enthusiasm for this car. It is, as the pictures show, a stunning machine. If you want a 914, it is, unequivocally, this one. Trust us.  

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1975
  • Make Porsche
  • Model 914
  • Colour Green
  • Odometer 17,506 Miles
  • Engine size 1971
  • Town Reading
  • Location Berkshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
47 bids
  • ff•••• £25,500 21/01/22
  • Fa•••• £25,250 21/01/22
  • Fa•••• £25,000 21/01/22
  • ff•••• £24,750 21/01/22
  • Fa•••• £24,500 21/01/22
  • ff•••• £24,250 21/01/22
  • ff•••• £24,000 21/01/22
  • Fa•••• £23,750 21/01/22
  • Fa•••• £23,500 21/01/22
  • Ch•••• £23,250 21/01/22

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