2005 Aston Martin Vanquish (LHD)


  • Low mileage car with virtually one owner from new
  • Very low mileage with full Aston Martin service history 
  • Classically presented in Racing Green over cream and green interior 
  • Excellent condition reflecting its mileage and single owner 
  • Recently serviced and MOT’d

The Appeal 

Flush with the success of its DB7, Aston Martin developed the remarkable Vanquish. Built on a bespoke bonded aluminium composite lightweight chassis and equipped with the firm’s sonorous 5.9litre V12, the Vanquish certainly lived up to its name.
Alongside its sculpted looks and rarity - just 2,589 were built - the Vanquish has a particular place in Aston Martin history as the last new car built at Newport Pagnell. Hand built yet technologically advanced, it also bridges the firm’s past and its glorious future. 
This gorgeous Racing Green Vanquish has been well specified and comes with the reassurance of a full Aston Martin service history to support its miniscule mileage. With just one owner to 2023 it has the provenance and condition you surely expect from a car of this remarkable quality. 

The History and Paperwork

  • First registered in Dubai in January 2005
  • Returned to the UK later that year UK registered on 6th October 2005
  • First owner to early 2023
  • Speedometer converted to MPH from KPH on its return to UK in October 2005
  • MOT to 3rd May 2024 with minor advisories for rear lower suspension dust covers and front brake pads
  • Has covered less than 60 miles since last MOT
  • Last service included stripping and bleeding the brakes 
  • Badged as a Vanquish S but is a standard V12 Vanquish 
Full Aston Martin service history:
  • Apr 2023 - 25,148 miles - Aston Martin Chichester 
  • Aug 2021 - 24,808 miles - Aston Martin Reading 
  • Nov 2019 - 24,594 miles - Aston Martin Reading 
  • Oct 2017 - 24,287 miles - Aston Martin Reading 
  • Jul 2015 - 23,894 miles - HWM Aston Martin 
  • May 2013 - 21,038 miles - Lancaster Reading Aston Martin 
  • Jul 2012 - 20,844 miles - Nicholas Mee & Co Aston Martin Specialists 
  • Oct 2010 - 20,313 miles - Lancaster Reading Aston Martin 
  • Jun 2009 - 15,476 miles - Lancaster Reading Aston Martin 
  • May 2008 - 14,658 miles - Lancaster Reading Aston Martin 
  • Oct 2007 - 11,881 miles - Lancaster Reading Aston Martin 
  • Feb 2007 - 6,851 miles - Lancaster Sevenoaks Aston Martin 
  • Aug 2006 - 5,122 miles - Lancaster Sevenoaks Aston Martin 
  • Jan 2006 - 2,864 miles - Lancaster Sevenoaks Aston Martin 
  • Sep 2005 - 1,429 miles - Lancaster Sevenoaks Aston Martin 
  • Feb 2005 - 1,785 km - Al Habtoor Motors 
  • Jan 2004 - Pre-delivery - Al Habtoor Motors  

The Interior

  • Hand-crafted green and beige leather interior in superb condition 
  • Beautifully designed with a light, airy feel provide by the colour scheme 
  • Cream carpets with no stains or marks visible and green Aston Martin branded over mats
  • Seats are in very good condition, with only a very light sheen of use and no visible bolster wear
  • Silver aluminium trim highlights accent the stylish interior 
  • Green leather dashboard with no visible marks or fading 
  • Diamond stitched Alcantara headlining 
  • Strict two seater 
  • High end Linn sound system with cassette and CD multichanger with Linn speakers 
  • High specification including Motorola car phone, electric seats and air conditioning 
  • Cream Aston Martin dials 
  • Boot area similarly presentable with factory warning triangle present 
The Vanquish was the first new Aston Martin to signal a change of direction with the firm’s interior design. In place of the wood veneers of the firm’s 70s , 80s and 90s models, in came a more modern look themed around aluminium highlights and introducing the ‘waterfall’ centre console that has become so associated with modern Aston Martins. 
Naturally, this being an Aston Martin, the modern technology and new materials sit alongside more traditional trim. The first owner of this car - who owned it until very recently - specified it well, combining green leather with cream for the leather seats and Alcantara headlining. It provides the car with a very light and airy feel that works particularly well. 
As you might expect from a car with such low mileage it is in exceptional condition. There is barely any wear to the oft-used touch points such as the driver’s seat bolster and steering wheel. The switchgear tells a similar story. The indications of its near 20-year age are minor and do not detract from the overall finish - there are some scuffs on the passenger door aluminium trim and the centre console trim on this side of the car. And if we’re being very picky the left hand paddle shift shows some very light marks. 
Otherwise the interior is unmarked and reflects the high quality of these cars. A particular highlight is the optional diamond pattern Alcantara headlining. The car is also fitted with a high end Linn sound system. 

The Exterior

  • Racing Green metallic paintwork with 19in wheels in very good condition 
  • Gold-finished brake callipers nicely accented the exterior style 
  • Equipped with Yokohama tyres showing good tread
  • Lights and glasswork in very good condition being clear and scratch-free
The purposeful Vanquish was designed by Ian Callum and is surely one of his greatest designs, a car that is as sculptural as it is handsome. The task of designing a low volume Aston Martin must give any designer sleepless nights but this one fits neatly into an illustrious lineage that includes the DB2, DB5 and DB7 and even in that company is arguably one of the firm’s best.
The Vanquish shape works particularly well with certain colours and the photographs of this car clearly show that Racing Green metallic is one of them. The paintwork is original and while there are some very minor marks around the car, none are immediately obvious and they do not detract from the overall effect. A close inspection of the photographs shows a handful of stone chips and a couple of scratches, some or all of which may respond to a careful professional valet. 
The paintwork is nicely accented by the 19in factory alloy wheels and gold coloured brake callipers. Vanquish models were not badged, although Vanquish S models were. This car carries Vanquish S badges but we are told it is a Vanquish. 

The Mechanics 

  • 5.9litre Aston Martin hand-built V12 engine developing 460bhp 
  • 6spd automated manual gearbox with paddle shifts
  • Full Aston Martin service history
  • Most recently serviced at 25,148 miles in April 2023
The Vanquish is the Aston Martin that goes on giving. If the exquisite looks and the carefully crafted interior don’t seal the deal, then the 5.9litre hand-built V12 beneath the bonnet surely will. This is one of Aston Martin’s greatest achievements, a smooth yet devastatingly quick motor that catapults the Vanquish to 60mph in under 5secs. 
With such capability you will want the reassurance of impeccable service history. Thankfully this car has that - a full set of Aston Martin service records covering 17 visits. Considering its tiny mileage, that commitment by the one owner certainly deserves respect. The most recent service was in April 2023, just 60 miles ago, when the car was also MOT’d. 


When you name a car Vanquish you must be fairly certainly that it will live up to the expectations. The new Aston Martin certainly did. Bridging the gap between traditions of the past and opportunities of the future, the Vanquish has a special place in the firm’s development. 
This beautiful 2005 example woos with its specification then convinces with its impeccable service history. For collectors or GT enthusiasts, this is a great example. 

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Auction Details
  • Year 2005
  • Make Aston Martin
  • Model Vanquish
  • Colour Green
  • Mileage 25,223 Miles
  • Engine size 5935
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Town Guildford
  • County Sussex
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Auction ends
Bidding history
17 Bids
  • wi•••• £38,250 31/08/23
  • br•••• £38,000 31/08/23
  • tx•••• £37,000 31/08/23
  • pi•••• £36,000 31/08/23
  • tx•••• £35,000 31/08/23
  • Ff•••• £34,000 31/08/23
  • Ff•••• £33,000 30/08/23
  • tx•••• £32,000 30/08/23
  • ya•••• £30,500 30/08/23
  • tx•••• £30,000 29/08/23

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