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Rose Farm, Upper Street, Oakley, Diss, Norfolk, IP21 4AX.

The 750 Motor Club was formed in the spring of 1939 to promote the use of the Austin Seven in road and trials events. Since then the Seven has been the backbone of the club as it provided the basis of the first club formula – the 750 Formula – which is still thriving.
Club History
Famous Members
Today, with a steadily growing membership and a policy of evolutionary change in its racing formula, the club is now stronger than it has been for a number of years. This has allowed the race programme to be expanded year on year and additional benefits to be offered to the members.

The club is now a national organisation, with a board of directors and a number of semi-autonomous self-managing centres around the country, 24 at the last count, not including representatives in Australia and Malaya! Further details of the centres and membership of the club can be obtained from the club membership secretary.

A number of the members are involved in sporting trials and the club runs a national championship for both 750MC Trials Formula and National Trials Car Formula vehicles.

Membership of the 750 Motor Club also entitles you to a wide range of benefits which include discounts on parts and services relating to all aspects of motoring, on car insurance, breakdown services, and books and Club regalia through the Club Shop. You will also find a wide range of social activities at the Club's Regional Centres spread across the country.