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AJS & Matchless Owners Club Limited

Unit 3, Robinson Way, Telford Way Ind. Estate, Kettering, Northants, NN16 8PT, England

The AJS & Matchless Owners Club Limited caters for individuals and families who have an interest in either AJS or Matchless motorcycles. The club produces its own monthly magazine (called Jampot) that is distributed to over 3,600 members worldwide as well as having its own spares scheme to assist owners in keeping their machines in top working order.

A number of social activities are organised at international, national and local levels. Each year members of the club organise an International Rally in May, a UK National rally in August and a second national 'back-to-basics' rally in October. as well as these rallies, there are a number of local sections throughout the UK that organise their own social evening and week-end activities.

The Club was founded in 1952 to cater for enthusiasts of the marque, and grew until in the late 50's it was large enough to rival all other one-make clubs. With the decline of motorcycling generally in the mid-sixties, the Club suffered as did manufacturers and other clubs alike, until the final blow came with the closure of the factory. No new machines or spares would be made and the future of the Club looked far from rosy. For a time enthusiasm for the marques was kept alive by only headquarters branch.

The 1970's saw the formation of the new Club Sections and the re-birth of old ones bringing in a new lease of life for the Club. More and more machines are now being restored and are in regular use. In our estimation some 2,500 machines are owned by members of the Club. This is not a sum total as you as a new member may be bringing in a machine which is new to the Club. There are also many veteran, vintage and pre-war machines of the marques also in existence.

At present the Club consists of 36 UK based sections and 23 international sections with over 4,200 members, who live in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Denmark, France, Norway and Sweden, to name only a few. We are therefore, a truly International Club.
What the club has to offer

The running of the Club is invested in a Management Executive, which is elected at the AGM. The Executive carries out policy decided at the AGM, but what the Club offers is a result of what we our members contribute.