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A warm welcome to the website of the Alvis Register, whether you are an existing Alvis owner, just browsing, or contemplating joining the ranks of those who have already discovered the pleasure of owning a vintage car, and wondering what to choose. We believe you can do no better than to choose a vintage Alvis!
Whatever your reason for visiting the site, we hope you will find in these pages something of the allure and magic of owning a rather exceptional vintage motor car. You will learn that the Register is a strong, active and friendly organisation, which provides support on just about every aspect of vintage Alvis ownership. Above all, the Register encourages members to open the garage doors, set the Alvis free and enjoy the open road at every opportunity.
If you are unfamiliar with the cars, click on to The Vintage Alvis for a brief historical survey. Then look at the pictures in Gallery: these are real vehicles in the ownership of members who use them to good effect. You may be surprised at the variety of bodywork from light, sporting two-seaters to spacious, well-appointed saloons, all of which are eminently usable on today's roads.