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Balderstone Hall Mirfield, Huddersfield. West Yorkshire.

The Register was formed in 1955 by a group of Amilcaristes at the Silverstone race meeting. The first register of names listed 29 some with more than one car and most cars are still with us, as are some of the original members.
The main aim of the Register is to ensure the continuation of the cars and assist with maintenance and spares. Although this web site is for Amilcar, the Register is joined with Salmson and we welcome all French sporting cars, Sénéchal, Bignan, BNC, etc. all are welcome. We have members throughout the world. Our archive is extensive and has information on the history of Amilcar, race results, factory figures etc.

"The Newsletter”, a 32 page magazine is produced 3/4 times a year and has technical and historic articles with news and pictures and welcomes contributions from cyclecaristes.