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Austin A30/A35 Owners Club

Based in the UK, the Austin A30-A35 Owners' Club was founded in 1970 and has engendered a successful and enduring friendly family atmosphere that has acquired an international reputation. Today the Club has a world wide membership with fellow enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Scandinavia, USA and many mainland European countries.

The various models of the baby Austin certainly invoke friendship, bonhomie and pleasure with the members exchanging technical knowledge, information and their own experiences to the benefit of all.

The Austin A30-A35 Owners' Club is administered by a National Committee consisting of volunteer members willing to u n d e r t a k e certain roles and responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the Club. This Committee is supported by a network of Local Groups which exist around the country. There will be a Local Group near where you live.

The Club publishes two magazines, Spotlight (twice per year) and Sidelights (twice per year) that contain technical tips and information, historical facts and figures together with reports from Local Groups containing news of local rallies and other activities.

The highlight of each year is the International Rally that is held during the last weekend of May. Each year the venue for the Rally moves to a different part of the UK and is organized by one of the Local Groups. Members from all over the world attend to meet and greet old friends, probably not seen since the previous year's Rally, and to make new acquaintances. Of course the vehicles play an important part too with judging taking place and trophies awarded.

As a member of the Austin A30-A35 Owners' Club for over 25 years I can vouch for the helpful friendliness of the members and the thrill of driving the cars, especially the smiles invoked as we drive by both young and old, and long may it continue.

I hope that this welcome has inspired you to join us and I look forward to meeting you at one of our rallies and sharing the pleasure of Club membership with you.

Keith Bennett