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Austin A40 Farina Club

75 Coronation Avenue, Dawlish, Devon EX7 9EH

We were founded in late 1979 to cater for owners of Austin A40 Farina MkI and MkII cars (1958 - 1967) and now have a membership of over 600. This is partly due to regular contact with motoring magazines such as "Practical Classics", "Your Classic", "Class


The A40 Farina was first introduced in 1958 and in all approx 340,000 were built until its discontinuation in 1967. The Italian style body, being designed by Pinin Farina, was revolutionary at the time , being the first mass produced car to have the hatchback style of today.

The MkI and early MkII cars were powered by the 948cc A series Engine, with the later MkII cars being powered by the 1098cc version. Many of the mechanical parts used on the cars derived from the A30/35 series and the A40 has much in common with them, along with it's successor the Ausin 1100/1300.

The A40 was also produced under licence by Innocenti in Italy in both Berlina (saloon) & Combinata (countryman) versions.

A40 CKD kits were assembled in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Holland, Belgium and Ireland. While the A40 in Norway and Sweden was known as the A40 Futura.

The A40 Farina Club is now actively pursuing the recognition of the car in its true light and seeking to ensure its continuing place in the history of British Motor Cars.