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Launched at the 1964 London Motor Show the Austin 1800 completed the BMC design trilogy of front-wheel-drive, transverse-engine layout cars started by the Mini in 1959.

Priced at £828 in October 1964, the 1800 offered an incredible amount of interior space in a package only 13 ft. 7 in. long, competing against the Rover 2000, Hillman Super Minx, Ford Corsair, Triumph 2000 and Citroen DS. The car was popular in professional circles, with bank managers and the military, taking the coveted Car Of The Year in 1965 from the Rover 2000. Around 386,000 were produced at Longbridge from 1964 to 1975 when the car was replaced by the Austin Princess.

Austin Landcrab Owners Club website provides a potted history of the car's production, period advertising, videos and rally pedigree, from the original Austin 1800, Morris 1800 and Wolseley 18/85 through to the final six cylinder Austin 2200, Morris 2200 and Wolseley Six models.