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Auto Tourismo Classic Club

Who We Are

We are a small, non-profit, independent group of car enthusiasts, from different walks of life, and with a wide range of different classic cars. Oh and when we say "classic" we don't exclusively mean expensive, fast, or particularly old. We would like to think if your car is your pride and joy and you look after it as such then it qualifies as a classic, whether it's a Triumph, a Ferrari Testarossa or an original Mini Cooper. We do, however, draw the line at beige coloured Austin Allegros.

Why We Are Here

Being in a large, official owners' club can be great, but sometimes, depending on how it's run, it can also be deathly boring... if this sounds familiar the ATCCC may be for you! The ATCCC's aim is to put the fun back into classic car ownership in a hassle free way.

What We Do

There are many independent classic car shows located around London and the South East during the summer. The ATCCC keeps it's members informed of these shows, organises a club area at the venue, and provides entrance passes in advance where available. All members need to do is turn up, find the ATCCC area, then relax, have a chat and, if the sun is out, sample the world famous ATCCC BBQ!