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BMW Isetta Owners Club

Members tell us that one of the main reasons for joining the Club is to solve the problem of obtaining spare parts. It is the aim of the Club to establish and maintain a good spares service for the re-manufacture and purchase of stocks from specialist suppliers.

We also attempt to bring together Isetta owners either by way of regular meetings or rallies, or simply by way of a Club magazine.

New members enrolling pay the subscription, plus a once only registration fee which funds the purchase of spare parts, including secondhand and used parts ( we currently have several tons!).

You will see from the heading, that we are a Company, Limited by Guarantee. Please be sure to read the Rules & Constitution, in order to understand what this means to all members new and old.

Please make cheques or postal orders payable to the 'I. 0. C. of G.B. Ltd", if you wish to pay via the Girobank, our account number is 60-074-4809.

If you have any queries about the membership, or would like to know anything else about the Club or services, please write to the membership secretaries. One last thing, we appreciate it very much if you would include an S.A.E. in any postal correspondence with any Club official.

When you become a member of the IOCOGB you will have access to these services


The Isetta Club holds a considerable amount of spare parts running into many hundreds of items. The Club is always looking for new spares and re-manufactures items that are no longer obtainable.