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British Bus Preservation Group

35 Meellen Hill, Northamptonshire, NN3 5DF.


Since being formed in September 1990, the BBPG and its members have been responsible for securing the future of more than 250 historic buses and coaches, many of which were saved at extremely short notice from being broken up. This track record has only been achieved through the dedication of our members - individuals and preservation groups, vicars and police officers, bus drivers and bus company owners - who include many of Britain's best known bus-preservationists.

We originate from a small group set up to save ex-Pontypridd / Taff Ely No.7, AEC Regent V (UTG 312G). No.7's restoration was financed under a share scheme, a method which proved highly successful in steam locomotive preservation, and one we've used to save other buses. A lot of people wanted to get involved with No.7 but were not in a position to buy a share, and we were pleased to form a 'supporters organisation', enabling as many people as possible to enjoy this fine vehicle.

Many people expressed increasing concern over the rising tide of legislation affecting the preserved vehicle movement. Something had to be done to monitor this and take action.

We met enthusiasts struggling to maintain buses in gardens or lorry parks, often with little or no help or support. So many 'preserved' buses were being lost because of a single problem - storage. Many reports were received of buses in danger and we wanted to do more than merely mourn their demise. Many enthusiasts dearly wished to become involved with saving vehicles but felt their aims were frustrated by lack of time, storage facilities and restoration skills.

All this led to one conclusion; a national bus preservation group catering for enthusiasts, whether or not they owned buses, pledged and able to take swift action when needed, but also to thoroughly enjoy being involved with old PSVs. The result is the BBPG !