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Bill Boddy MBE. 1913 - 2011. Founder of The Brooklands Society in 1967.

From Graham Skillen

Bill founded the Brooklands Society in 1967 and wrote for its publications from their inception until his column in the current Gazette.

He, along with others such as Kenneth Evans, was fundamental in the saving of the site from dereliction by the Society, leading today to the thriving Museum. But he was more than that, not always outgoing in public, but if you met him in his warm Welsh kitchen, he was a wonderful host, speaking quietly in a wonderfully informed and authoritative manner on every motoring and aeronautical topic under the sun. You heard the stories he hadn't written! We will miss him and the Society sends their sincere condolences to the family.
Graham Skillen
Chairman, The Brooklands Society.

The Society maintains a large archive of historic material, photographs, books and other items of Brooklands history. Although a lot has been written, there is still potential for further research and new books and articles continue to be published.
The Brooklands Society has long taken some responsibility for the clearance and upkeep of Brooklands racetrack and for the upkeep of the grounds of the Brooklands Museum - an ongoing regular activity which we finance. Members of the Society include many famous Brooklands personalities from the worlds of motoring, motor cycling and aviation. Membership of this unique English gentleman's club gives you many four issues of the Brooklands Society Gazette every year, the inside track on a number of events and access to Brooklands motor racing history through our archives. And yes we do have many overseas members who are also gentlemen - and ladies.
Each June the Brooklands Society Reunion is held at the Track specifically for members. Here you will not only see the famous cars and motorcycles demonstrated as they were up to 90 years ago but you can also talk to many knowledgeable members in depth, drink champagne at the Chairman's Reception and see the cars and aircraft on display at the museum.
The Society's Annual Dinner is another well attended event held each November at Brooklands. Dress code is smart suits or white overalls and for ladies posh frocks. This is a smart but not overly formal event which includes speeches by guest celebrities, prize giving, a raffle and the opportunity to participate in getting a large motorbike up a flight of stairs.
Monthly film and event evenings are held throughout the winter months at Brooklands. The combination of interests in both motor racing and aviation makes for a stimulating and entertaining mix of events. Occasionally we hold motor racing evenings where participants can compete in computer simulated races around the Brooklands outer circuit in a range of cars from the formidable Napier Railton to the Mercedes W154.
The quartlery Brooklands Society Gazette is available only to members. The Gazette is unique and contains in depth information on every aspect of Brooklands history, cars and drivers, motorbikes and riders and aircraft and aviators. Ongoing archive research makes many of the learned articles uniquely interesting. Since 1976 Brooklands Society Gazettes have built into a unique history of English motor racing and complete bound sets are highly sought after. New information comes to light virtually every month and is published regularly.
Please note that overseas membership is an extra £10.00 to cover the international postage cost of the four quarterly Gazettes.
When you join be sure to buy your regalia at the same time and if you would like to contribute to the Brooklands Fund please feel free to do so. Many thanks - and welcome aboard as Zborowski would have said.