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" The Brough Superior Club shall be operated in the interests of the past and present owners of W.E. Brough and Brough Superior machines,
to foster the preservation and use of the machines. "
( Taken from the Brough Superior Club Constitution. )

In 1861 William Edward Brough was born at Basford, Nottinghamshire, and we first hear of him as mechanic in charge of the large steam winding engine at Cinder Hill Colliery belonging to the Babington Colliery Company. At this point electricity was fast becoming of commercial importance in its various applications, so it is not surprising after a few years to find W. E. Brough, a man of no little initiative, foreman electrician to the colliery, a position he held until he left in 1899.

During his tenure of office at Cinderhill, he built 10 Mandalay Street Basford in 1889 and resided there until 1895 when he moved to Vernon Road, still in Basford, and built there a small works with residential quarters attached.The object of the works ?.... Newfangled motor cars and motorcycles were “ coming in ” at this period and W.E. Brough was far sighted enough to see the great possibilities in this direction.

On 18 June 1885 W.E Broughs elder son was born called also William Edward after his father. George was the second son, being born at 10 Mandalay Street on 21 April 1890. From an early age both son’s naturally, one could almost say automatically, became actively involved in motorcycling.

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