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Our southern hemisphere summer is here again and the Bantams are out and about! Over winter there have been more projects finished and tested on the road. Les has finished and ridden his Bantam many miles, Mick's Bantam is progressing and a few more are on the drawing board. The replica trials Bantam remains a dream (although a decompressor head has been found!). Our eyes are open for a nice four speed or even a Bushman but both these are rare birds indeed in our part of the world.

Other Projects: Les have begun a "challenging" WM20 in military trim. Jim's M20 is finished - read all about it and see the finished bike. Jim (our resident consultant) has even bought a 1970s Jawa two speed. Well, it should have a full complement of gears but at the moment only two! Me? Lots to report. That big 600cc side valve 1954 BSA M21 is finally finished after two years on the bike stand. Read all about it here. The C11s are still getting out and about. Click here for the link to the C11 projects and follow Michael's CZ project here . Les' Bantam here.

After all that it sounds like we've forgotten the Bantams. Not at all. The Bantams are getting out regularly and at least once a weekend we hear those magic words "I used to have one of them".

The big news is that Jim, Les, Mick, Peter and Tony now have their own Classic Adventures page. Read about the two (soon three!) great classic bike journeys.

Finally, and I hesitate to even mention this, but Don, Jim and Tony have bought Benelli 2C basket cases. I can only put it down to the lure of the two stroke. Read the tale of the Continental Affair here. What am I doing mentioning Italian bikes here?