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Burton VW Owners Club

The Burton VW Owners Club was set up by Paul and Luk. They had noticed each others bugs around Burton and decided they had seen enough around Burton and Swadlincote to make a club a possibility. They sorted out the first meeting in April 2010. with lots of flyers and a message in the local paper, the first meet saw loads of dubs turn up to the Cosmo in the centre of Burton.

There are loads of VWs in the area and lots of pockets of owners who know each other. The idea of the club is to bring them all together, whether Air cooled or Watercooled. No formalities or biase to makes or models.

From Campers and Bugs, to Golfs and Caddys, we all get together and share knowledge, chat, have a beer and share the VW thing. We have now changed the name to the Dub Klub and a new logo is on the way. We are new and making it up as we go along, but cruising, shows and get togethers in a laid back atmosphere, seems to be the way forward. However old you or your wheels are, everyone is welcome

We will be visiting several shows this year, hopefully taking advantage of the luxury of the club camping areas!