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The Classic Camaro Club represents all owners and enthusiasts of the Camaro from the car’s inception and delivery to the first customers in September 1966 to the present day.

The Club started in 1990 as a forum for spare parts, information, and news for ANYONE with an interest in Camaros having begun simply as a Camaro Register.

Tim Boles, Camaro Club Secretary owns two very different types of Camaro: A 1968 All original numbers matching 1968 Convertible (called Camilla) and a full on circuit racing car, (called Butch). He has owned both cars since the late 1980s and has been racing Butch almost from the outset, obtaining a full racing license in 1991, he and his partners now hold full International Racing licenses (Group C). Butch really is in a class of its own at many race meetings with well over 500 bhp and original spec brakes and wheels in order to comply with the increasingly strict Historic rules for Historic racing car preparation.

The Classic Camaro Club seeks to entertain and inform all those with an interest in Camaros. Other services such as decodes, insurance valuations and the like are also available