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Chevrolet Club of Norway

Dag Sandnes, Askveien 2 B, 1440 Drobak/Norway

Chevrolet Club of Norway (CCON)
- Is a nationwide club for anyone with a Chevrolet / GMC, or are interested in these brands. The cars can be in original condition or rebuilt, urestaurert, partially or fully restored, fully executable or object / scrap, registered or unregistered. You do not even have a car to be with us!

So far as we know, our brand club the only European who runs the Chevrolet / GMC from 1911 to today.
Because of this we welcome members from other country.

The club is nationwide and open to:

Chevrolet / GMC interested, even without a car!
Chevrolet'er / GMC'er,
all model year.
all the individual brands of Chevrolet / GMC
all types / models cars
all types / models vehicles
Nationwide brand club for Chevrolet / GMC

The club has the approval of General Motors Corporation and have written permission to use their trademarks / logos. The work is all types and models, Chevrolet / GMC from its inception in 1911.
As a club we are an associate member of Amcar (American Car Club of Norway) and full member of the LMK (National Association of Motor Vehicle History Club) here at home. Therefore, we can offer you the best, ie most comprehensive and cheapest car insurance available within the veteran hobby, when the vehicle meets the requirements of originality and appearance.
We are also international regional members (the first outside USA / Canada) at VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, Inc.), as the American Chevrolet Club units.
We have good technical expertise in many, especially older age classes, and many times also help you to get all the parts of a whole car. Feel free to use our own free ad pages here online or in our magazine. Veteran & Amcar comes out several times a year with reports from trips, hits and markets technically useful information, buying and selling ads, and addresses the component suppliers. When the need arises, be prepared and submitted a new member handbook with the vehicle list so you can easily get in touch with other members, perhaps with the same model / year. The list is also available in the members' own websites. There are also over 300 addresses to component suppliers, particularly in the United States.
To become a club member, you will usually have access to a working e-mail address that you can be reached, as this facilitates the club work and expense significantly by communication with members, both collectively and individually.