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Citroen Specials Club

The Club for all lightweight cyclecars

The Citroën Specials Club was formed in 1989 to provide support for those building, running or interested in specials and kits built on the Citroën 'A' series running gear, mainly Lomax and Falcon with some one off specials. In the early nineties the Lomax Register was discontinued and many members listed became Citroën Specials Club members.

Since then Manx, BRA, Blackjack Avion, Grasshopper (Pembleton Motor Co) and Tripacer (Classic Car Panels) have joined the list of kit manufacturers although Classic Car Panels have ceased producing kits for the moment and the last Manx kit was produced in 2000.

The club also offers a welcome to owners of non-Citroën based kits and specials of similar construction with no club of their own.

The club is global with members in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. In the UK nationwide activities are orgainised through Area Representatives.

A wealth of technical information is available through club members who share ideas and problems through the club magazine 'Flat Out'