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Cumbria Classic Car Club

The Club was formed in 1987 by two enthusiasts who sought to bring together like minded individuals within an organisation, the aim being to enable anyone with an interest in classic cars to share their enjoyment.

Our members own a variety of cars from the exotic to the everyday including the full range of conditions - basket case restoration projects to top class concours! Cumbria Classic Car Club welcomes the owners (and potential owners) of any classic make and model.

Activities include regular local meetings near Penrith, technical talks, visits to various shows (local national and international), attendance at rallies, invitiations to trade premises (including sales, service and parts providers) plus relaxed runs to mixed venues. Club regalia is available in various forms.
We have amongst our members a pool of knowledge (both amateur and professional) regarding the many aspects of the classic car world and advice is always available.

To help safeguard our hobby and stop our vehicles becoming static museum pieces the Club is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs