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DE TOMASO UK Drivers Club

Flint Barn, Malthouse Lane Ashington, West Sussex RH20 3BU

About the Club
The De Tomaso Drivers Club Ltd was formed in 1982 by Phil Stebbings to enable owners of De Tomaso cars to share information and to provide a social forum to further knowledge of the marque. Now in its 20th year, the club has over 80 members in the UK and a number of associate members in Europe and the USA.

The club offers specialised technical knowledge to its members, ranging from mechanical issues and part supplies to advice on purchase and car history, often with personal knowledge of individual cars. In addition, a number of social events and meetings are organised each year including club stands at major historic events, an annual trip to Le Mans, track days, concours and other social gatherings.

Club members receive three issues of its magazine each year. The magazine is generally at least 48 properly printed pages in full colour and features technical articles, stories of members experiences, details of forthcoming events, news about the marque, reports from club events and cars and parts for sale or wanted.

In short, if you own or are contemplating owning a De Tomaso, the club is one of the best resources for information on the marque and it is a great way of meeting other like-minded enthusiasts.