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DeLorean Owners Association

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History of the DeLorean Owners Associaton

The DeLorean Owners Assocaation was founded in June of 1983. In the past 26 years it has grown into the worlds largest DeLorean enthusiast club. The Associations primary goal is to educate both members and DeLorean enthusiasts in DeLorean history and about the DeLorean automobile. The Association’s mission is to act as a social organization to provide members with opportunities to meet and communicate information about the DeLorean marque.

The Association publishes a full color magazine called DeLorean World. Articles range from technical assistance, member interviews, event announcements and reviews and more. Learn more about DeLorean World.

Since it was founded, the Association has hosted over 20 DeLorean Expo’s. These conventions have been held all over the United States and even two in Ireland. DeLorean Expo’s generally include both social and informative gatherings, car shows, rallies and similar events geared at engaging members and enthusiasts over their common interest in the DeLorean Sports Coupe.