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The intention of this club is to cater for the Japanese car owning community in Dorset and the close surrounding area.

The idea is something I have toyed with for quite some time now and rather than sit back and wait for someone else to not do it I thought I'd get it started!

I'd like to create a local group of enthusiasts that are keen on all Japanese car types, from the bog standard 4x4 to the heavily modified beasts from the East!

My plan is to make this a very accessible club to all Jap car owners and fans alike with regular friendly local meetings such as Sunday lunchtimes at country pubs for a look around the metal, and maybe a spot of food.

The long term plan is to get a good group together and try to organise a regular summer meet on Poole Quay for example, as many of the current car and bike clubs do.

Take a few moments to look around the site and please do register and say 'Hi' or share a couple of photo's of your pride and joy!