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11 New Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 4LH.

Who are the Droop Snoot Group?

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We're a bunch of petrolheads, really; here to preserve, promote and enjoy Vauxhall's ultra-rare, rear drive '70s performance cars, the Droopsnoot Firenza, the Sportshatch, and the Chevette HS and HSR homologation specials.
Although our main focus is on these cars, that doesn't mean we're 'Droopsnoot only'. We're home to the Droopsnoot's 'Slant Four' brothers, the flat front Firenza, Magnum, Viva and GT, and a host of modified, race and rally cars; members also run many other DSG-related cars, including pushrod engined Chevettes and Vivas.
Thanks to Bill Blydenstein, Chris Coburn and Dealer Team Vauxhall the cars have a rich and successful motorsport history; club members own and use many well-known competition cars, whether home-built and developed or ex-DTV and semi-works cars such as Old Nail and Sandblaster, 'Plastic Fantastic', Tony Davies' Transpeed Firenza and others.
In short - if you own, drive, compete in, repair, restore, maintain, need information about, long for, covet or just love any of these cars, join the DSG!