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Elva Owners' Club, Gaugemaster Way, Ford Road, Ford Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0RX

The ELVA Owners Club was founded by Roger A. Dunbar in 1979 with the help and support of Frank G. Nichols, the founder of Elva Cars.

It was soon apparent that there were a large number of enthusiastic owners who were looking for information and that were anxious to share their enthusiasm with others. There have been some superb 'get-togethers' in the early days, particularly in the Hastings and Rye areas which enabled people previously employed by Elva Cars to attend and be involved. There have also been significant gatherings in the States when ELVA has been the featured marque at several important race meetings.

The Club acts as a focal point for help and information regarding the various racing and sports racing cars built by Elva Cars from 1955 through to the late sixties. This includes the various Formula Juniors, and the Courier models built by Elva at Bexhill and Hastings together with the later cars built by Trojan Limited after 1961.

Cooper, Lotus, Lola, and Elva built competitive racing and sports racing cars during this period but it was Elva who exported around 80% to the United States. There is therefore a strong club representation in the States which receives continued support from the original and world-wide club founded in the UK. While the 'Elva Club of America' is currently inactive, enthusiastic help and advice is given from the home of Elva Cars wherever possible, and there is a large collection of Elva literature and archive material available.