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Ford 400E Owners Club

The Ford 400E Owners Club is THE club for enthusiasts and owners of Ford's medium commercials, 1957-1965.

Based in the UK, the club caters for members wherever they are in the world.

The Ford 400E Owners Club was formed in 1991, and although small by comparison to some other clubs, is active in assisting 400E owners and enthusiasts get the best out of their interest in these charismatic vehicles.

The Club exists to help owners of these vehicles tokeep on using them, and enjoying them. We provide members with a regular magazine, which includes articles of technical interest, contributions from members, spares available, classified ads and other 400E related items.

The main drive of the Club, is to supply parts to enable the vehicles to keep running. The Club has an expanding spares scheme, including remanufacturing, and is able to advise members where to go to find spares not held by the Club.

Although primarily UK based, the Club does have members from other parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Several members do not as yet own the vehicles, and are currently looking for suitable examples, so not owning one is no bar to membership.

As these vehicles are so different from any others in the Ford range, even though many engine/transmission parts are shared with the larger Ford saloons of 1956-66, the Club is in some cases the only source of certain parts. As the front suspension and steering are unique to the model, and these and many other parts are getting harder to find, membership of the Club is a great advantage for owners.